Thursday, May 26, 2011

Really Need To Get Movin' On My Summer!

Sooooo I've been SERIOUSLY slacking on the blog since I've been home from school. I don't really even know whereeee to begin. Mostly I've been working at Regal since I've been home and enjoying the perks of free movies of course. I love my friends there. Everyone is so goofy and easy to get along with, it makes those 5 to 8 hour shifts totally bearable.
The Reegz.
Other than work, I've been enjoying lots of time with the family and friends. From hot tub nights to sleepovers. Dinners and coffee runs. Ice skating and long walks. Weddings and swimming! Even just cruisin' around in Little Red.
 Me and Alex
(he might hate me for this picture lol)
Myself and Carolyn.
 I've especially enjoyed all the time that I've gotten to spend with my big brother Mike. And a big congrats goes out to him for getting a new job in Philly!! He'll be leaving sometime next week so of course we've been jamming as much fun in together as we can. I'm pretty sad that he's leaving and I'm gonna miss our late nights watching LateNight together as well as our numerous shopping and lunch trips, and well, mostly just the constant sarcastic jokes we exchange, but at the same time, I'm sooooo happy for him and it gives me yet ANOTHER reason to get my butt out to Philly. To visit the two bestttttt big brothers ever. Seriously. 
I haven't gone on too many big adventures this summer yet, but I blame that on the fact that 1) some of my friends are STILL in high school and 2) that some of my friends are still going back and forth from school and home (cough cough Ashleyyyy). BUT no worries, we still have three whole action-packed months of amazing summer weather to go. 
 Carly! :)
Steph...hiding in "the jungle"...
But one adventure that I DID go on was with Alex to Governor Dick. It's right up the mountain from Mt. Gretna, and it's this big observation tower basically. 
 About to enter the tower...

You walk on a trail through the woods, uppppp the hill, and through a clearing, and then you get to this massive cylindrical building. The weather was perfectttt and everything was so green from all the rain. So naturally we assumed that there would be stairs going up the tower...but uhhh, we were wrong. Not stairs. Ladders. A series of ladders. Pretty creepy to say the least, but sooo worth it. 
series of ladders :P
We got to the top (it was kind of caged in, no worries) and we were able to look out into a beautifulllll sunset and out over everything. It was really awesome...and one of those things that Harrisburg (ehh, not reallllly Harrisburg I guess) has to offer that I never knew of before! All together, a very very successful trip :)

In other news, just two weeks until the girls and I head to Ocean City Maryland for a week...I can't waaaitttt! If it's even HALF as fun as last year was, then I know it's going to be the best week of my entire summer :)