Monday, December 19, 2011

winter break: day seven

i would like to take this seventh day of winter break to let everyone know how thankful i am for my family. because, really, no other group of people makes me laugh as much as they do. no one else makes me feel as comfortable in my own skin as they do. and no one supports me in everything that i do, like they have.

and let's face it--we do a lot of rad things together. like bake and cook dinners and take walks and eat candy and watch movies and stay up late and tell corny jokes and play apples to apples and try new restaurants and play cornhole in the backyard and go bowling. and well, the list just goes on and on and on....

so today, i am thankful. for being born into a hell of a family. for two parents that love me unconditionally. and for two brothers who are my very best friends. 

happy holidays everybody. tis the season.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the 4th, 5th, and 6th day of winter break...

went out to breakfast with some
old friends and some new friends at
one of the diners here in town. it felt 
really good to catch up with everyone over
my favorite meal of the day. and also
to laugh a whole whole lot about
tiny little things no one
else would understand.

made these tasty (and beautiful might
i add) graham cracker treats with my mom!
the recipe was super easy and all you need
are: graham crackers, chocolate to melt, and
crushed candy canes. i just think they're
so cute! and i'm pretty sure i've snacked
on one every day so far..whoops!

managed to work 21 and a half
hours at the theatre. it was a pretty
slow weekend for movies altogether, but
i actually really enjoyed my time spent there.
looking forward to a busier weekend with a 
lot of good movies coming out! maybe i'll
see some of you there? ;)

had some late night sheetz and a movie
(our idiot brother) with mike! we like
to bond over our similar taste in television 
shows, food, and movies. 

and that pretty much sums up my past
three days! just taking it easy, really :)

happy holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2011

On the third day of winter break...

mom and i decorated the house for christmas!
we might be a little behind compared to the
rest of the neighborhood...but i'd say
that the place looks pretttyyyy 
classy ;)
celebrated the birthday of the best 
dad in the entiiiiire world! with
presents and cheese dogs and lots
and lots of golf balls!!

celebrated the return of miss carly
norman! oh how i have missed her this past
semester--it's so good to have her back :)
we even ended the night with one of our
traditional hot tub nights; woohoo!!

went to the central dauphin lady rams
game against mcdevitt--they kept the tradition 
alive and made me proud as they ran away with
the victory! they're looking pretty awesome 
this year and it was so much fun cheering on some
of the girls who were on the team with me and
others who i actually helped coach during the 
little lady rams camps!! (crazy, i know. i felt 
so old!!) if you're free tuesday night, you 
should definitely try and make it to their
game vs. trinity at 7:30 at cd and show
some support!! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the second day of winter break...

went shopping with my mom at the mall.
we ate lunch by the big christmas tree
and stalked the table full of old people.
we also bought old man socks and tons of
pittsburgh gear. and we laughed.
a lot.

made italian pretzels for my friends.
and bought cute christmas tins
to put them in. i'm excited
to see their faces when they
open them up. because no one loves
italian pretzels quite like
they do ;)

rode around in my little red
car with my not-so-little dog
in the passenger's seat. because, 
really, he's the best shopping buddy
i'll ever find...he doesn't ever
complain about the music i play...
or if i play a song twice in 
a row...and he gives
wonderful kisses!

ate lasagna with rach.
and her awesome mom and sister. 
and her wonderful boyfriend, virgil.
we were supposed to make it...then we got
sidetracked of course. so we just ate
it instead. and sat around the table
with her mom and sister and talked
about things like where PAM got
its name and what we want
to be when we grow up..

baked yummy brownies with rach and virgil.
okay--i kind of just watched. but still.
double chocolate brownies with
hershey's hugs and hershey's
dark/mint chocolate. ironic
because they both work within
the hershey company ;)

sat at the johnston's house
and talked with ash, her parents,
and steph. they will always feel
like a second set of parents 
to me.

photo cred: rachael miller and myself!
instagram app for iphone.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

on the first day of winter break...

so. i'm home for winter break. and i've come to
realize that something i miss oh so very much while
away at school is a very simple thing: the kitchen.
not just being able to open a fridge and see an abundance
of food, but having the ability to cook. or bake. or both.

so. after being home since last evening, i
decided that i needed to take advantage of it all.
thank you so much to the rockstar diaries blog (and beth)
for this wonderful recipe for homemade
apple cinnamon granola!! two words: incredibly
delicious. or: incredibly easy. you take your

rachael and i decided to tackle the recipe
this evening after spending a few hours
catching up with some friends over coffee.
we played our christmas music and sang
along and caught up on our end-of-semester
stories. it was a grand time indeed :)

and here are our masterpieces!

i really want to take advantage of
this nice little winter break of mine;
i want to see as many people as i can,
try as many new things as i can, and never
waste a minute! so far so good.

home is where the heart is.

some appreciation for da burgh...

My last week in Pittsburgh before I left for home, I came to realize that sometimes I don't take enough time to appreciate the wonderful little things about this city. The small things I overlook every the beautiful view from my window each morning and night, the fact that I have so many of my best friends so close each day, or even just the fact that I have the luxury to call any of them up and meet for coffee or dinner. Or how about the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful cities EVER!? I mean seriously, how much luckier can I get? So, this past week, I really took the time to appreciate this wonderful place that I get to live in for these four crazy years of life. Here are a few other things I love about being here:

christmas in the cathedral; they decorate it
so beautifully here. christmas lights everywhere.
christmas trees at every door. and christmas presents
under every tree. not to mention, that they also keep the
fireplaces lit and the whole place smells like freshly burning
wood for the entire day...its wonderful. and by the number of
students you'll see sitting in the common room every day,
you can tell that everyone else appreciates it too :)
dark chocolate kisses at 2 in the morning
with my wonderful friends in the library.
probably the only great thing about finals week
is that everyone is going through it together...meaning
lots of late nights in the library studying. but mostly
just doing anything EXCEPT studying! we're college 
students...that's what we do!
getting to model as "lazy students" for
a friend's project and ordering the most
delicious thing you could find on the coldstone
menu! mmmmmm. enough said.
 having family in the area--this is something
that i definitely don't take advantage of enough...
this past weekend, my dad came to pick me up, and while
he was here, we celebrated my mimi's (and his!) birthday!
we ate at monteray bay at the top of mount washington, and 
had lots and lots of wonderful sea food. it was delicious.
and the view was absolutely outstanding. i couldn't stop looking
out the window...
and here is that wonderful view! i really
want to make it a goal of mine to visit mount
washington more once the weather gets 
really puts into perspective how great this place is.
 trying new restaurants with friends! it
seems like the oakland area is just crawling
with new places to eat lately! and i think that
we're also just discovering a lot of new places--i 
love it! i love trying new places and new foods!
 birthday desserts--for dad and mimi :)
 having awesome spontaneous friends who seem
to be up for just about anything! and very 
generous friends at that! my friend mat took me and 
another friend, ryan, to De Lucas Diner in the Strip District this past Saturday on a whim! (and paid for the entire meal
might i add..what a gentleman!) It was even cooler because 
every saturday the strip district has a huuuge market with tons
of vendors selling yummy food or vintage-y clothes and
lots and lots of steelers gear. I ordered a nutella,
chocolate, and banana crepe. it was wonderful.
finding an apartment with kaylie!!!
it's official--we're going to be the proud 
new, renters..of a cute little apartment
in panther hollow next august! we're super excited
to move in and become roommates and do cool new-roommate
things! be on the lookout for a joint-blog that we'll
be creating, recounting all of our adventures, successes,
and failures of being on a whole new level of adult-ness...
we can't wait to keep you updated on our new adventure!

i also got to enjoy a nice ride home last night with my
dad. it was probably the fastest ride ever, but i had a
great time getting to bond with him :)
it feels good to be home for a few weeks
without any school work to think about!!

and on that note--finals went well and i think i've 
managed to pull all A's and B's this semester! yay!
good luck to all of my friends still in da burgh
studying away and taking tests; you can do it!
hang in there everybody!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


oh life has been busy lately...
it's that awkward two weeks between thanksgiving and christmas break and it seems as if students everywhere are fighting for tables in the library to cram for finals.

luckily for me, ive really enjoyed all of my classes this semester so studying hasn't been too hard. but otherwise; i've been writing essay after essay, and i've been loving it! and i just love my little table in the cathedral of learning--right next to all of the christmas trees! i do enjoy this time of the year :)

i've enjoyed lots of wonderful friend time this past week/weekend with endless lunch and dinner dates, ice cream outings, christmas parties, and study sessions but i'm definitely ready to spend some time at home.

so here's to wishing everyone a non-stressful finals week! and if you're not taking finals--then here's to wishing you a non-stressful holiday season!

safe travels everyone!