Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the 4th, 5th, and 6th day of winter break...

went out to breakfast with some
old friends and some new friends at
one of the diners here in town. it felt 
really good to catch up with everyone over
my favorite meal of the day. and also
to laugh a whole whole lot about
tiny little things no one
else would understand.

made these tasty (and beautiful might
i add) graham cracker treats with my mom!
the recipe was super easy and all you need
are: graham crackers, chocolate to melt, and
crushed candy canes. i just think they're
so cute! and i'm pretty sure i've snacked
on one every day so far..whoops!

managed to work 21 and a half
hours at the theatre. it was a pretty
slow weekend for movies altogether, but
i actually really enjoyed my time spent there.
looking forward to a busier weekend with a 
lot of good movies coming out! maybe i'll
see some of you there? ;)

had some late night sheetz and a movie
(our idiot brother) with mike! we like
to bond over our similar taste in television 
shows, food, and movies. 

and that pretty much sums up my past
three days! just taking it easy, really :)

happy holidays!

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