Wednesday, December 7, 2011


oh life has been busy lately...
it's that awkward two weeks between thanksgiving and christmas break and it seems as if students everywhere are fighting for tables in the library to cram for finals.

luckily for me, ive really enjoyed all of my classes this semester so studying hasn't been too hard. but otherwise; i've been writing essay after essay, and i've been loving it! and i just love my little table in the cathedral of learning--right next to all of the christmas trees! i do enjoy this time of the year :)

i've enjoyed lots of wonderful friend time this past week/weekend with endless lunch and dinner dates, ice cream outings, christmas parties, and study sessions but i'm definitely ready to spend some time at home.

so here's to wishing everyone a non-stressful finals week! and if you're not taking finals--then here's to wishing you a non-stressful holiday season!

safe travels everyone!


  1. this just brings me back to my college days! {i can't believe I'm old enough to already say "back to the college days}. Finals week always consisted of food fights, staying up late catching up on LOST and then forgetting to study and cramming last second. Good luck!

  2. definitely lots of food fights and staying up late...only to not actually study in the end....hahaha
    im definitely enjoying it--and thank you for the comment! i appreciate it!