Tuesday, December 13, 2011

on the first day of winter break...

so. i'm home for winter break. and i've come to
realize that something i miss oh so very much while
away at school is a very simple thing: the kitchen.
not just being able to open a fridge and see an abundance
of food, but having the ability to cook. or bake. or both.

so. after being home since last evening, i
decided that i needed to take advantage of it all.
thank you so much to the rockstar diaries blog (and beth)
for this wonderful recipe for homemade
apple cinnamon granola!! two words: incredibly
delicious. or: incredibly easy. you take your

rachael and i decided to tackle the recipe
this evening after spending a few hours
catching up with some friends over coffee.
we played our christmas music and sang
along and caught up on our end-of-semester
stories. it was a grand time indeed :)

and here are our masterpieces!

i really want to take advantage of
this nice little winter break of mine;
i want to see as many people as i can,
try as many new things as i can, and never
waste a minute! so far so good.

home is where the heart is.

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