Friday, December 16, 2011

On the third day of winter break...

mom and i decorated the house for christmas!
we might be a little behind compared to the
rest of the neighborhood...but i'd say
that the place looks pretttyyyy 
classy ;)
celebrated the birthday of the best 
dad in the entiiiiire world! with
presents and cheese dogs and lots
and lots of golf balls!!

celebrated the return of miss carly
norman! oh how i have missed her this past
semester--it's so good to have her back :)
we even ended the night with one of our
traditional hot tub nights; woohoo!!

went to the central dauphin lady rams
game against mcdevitt--they kept the tradition 
alive and made me proud as they ran away with
the victory! they're looking pretty awesome 
this year and it was so much fun cheering on some
of the girls who were on the team with me and
others who i actually helped coach during the 
little lady rams camps!! (crazy, i know. i felt 
so old!!) if you're free tuesday night, you 
should definitely try and make it to their
game vs. trinity at 7:30 at cd and show
some support!! :)

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