Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the second day of winter break...

went shopping with my mom at the mall.
we ate lunch by the big christmas tree
and stalked the table full of old people.
we also bought old man socks and tons of
pittsburgh gear. and we laughed.
a lot.

made italian pretzels for my friends.
and bought cute christmas tins
to put them in. i'm excited
to see their faces when they
open them up. because no one loves
italian pretzels quite like
they do ;)

rode around in my little red
car with my not-so-little dog
in the passenger's seat. because, 
really, he's the best shopping buddy
i'll ever find...he doesn't ever
complain about the music i play...
or if i play a song twice in 
a row...and he gives
wonderful kisses!

ate lasagna with rach.
and her awesome mom and sister. 
and her wonderful boyfriend, virgil.
we were supposed to make it...then we got
sidetracked of course. so we just ate
it instead. and sat around the table
with her mom and sister and talked
about things like where PAM got
its name and what we want
to be when we grow up..

baked yummy brownies with rach and virgil.
okay--i kind of just watched. but still.
double chocolate brownies with
hershey's hugs and hershey's
dark/mint chocolate. ironic
because they both work within
the hershey company ;)

sat at the johnston's house
and talked with ash, her parents,
and steph. they will always feel
like a second set of parents 
to me.

photo cred: rachael miller and myself!
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