Monday, February 20, 2012

my weekend; in photos

here's a list of things that i enjoyed this past
weekend...and as you can see, a lot of it was yummy food ;)

long walks with trey outside in the amaazing weather we had -- home cooked meals -- saturday morning shopping trips and exploring with mike -- standing in line at a shoe release! -- neato burrito for lunch -- going out for sushi on 2nd street with my wonderful family -- family style sushi! yum! -- fried bananas. wow. -- buffalo chicken dip while watching hilarious SNL skits -- bowling with the family! (and beating mike once) and improving each time! -- milk and oreos -- long peaceful bus rides -- dark chocolate -- dad's famous french toast -- sunny rides in the miata with some ice cold sheetz coffee -- hanging out with the fam.

it was a great, relaxing weekend and exactly what i needed, heading into this busy week. hope all is well with everyone else-i'll be in touch!

[the sushi place we went to is called Miyako. It's a little restaurant on 2nd Street downtown. If you're a fan of sushi, I totally suggest that you go! And if you're not, they have a pretty big variety of other dishes too!]


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