Saturday, February 11, 2012

a little late...

too many times i think we focus on the negative things in our lives. we let them linger. we dwell on them. we let them bring us down to see the world in shades of grey. thats why i like this little blog. it gives me a chance to really reflect upon the positive things--no matter how big or small they may be. and when you add all the little positive things that make up your day, you find that they outweigh the negative by far.

so here's a list of the good things in my life lately
as far as my memory can recall ;)

sleeping in on a saturday morning
the smell of fresh laundry
a snow-covered city right outside my window
cooking a fancy dinner with friends
playing football with two packaged chickens
valentines cups at starbucks
spending an entire friday morning in a cafe writing a paper
a bowl of oatmeal after night class
study sessions in the library
free music from itunes
a superbowl party with friends
a game of apples to apples and the laughter that ensues
the anticipation of going to see a good movie
a week of birthdays
visits home
walks outside in february with the pup
baking brownies and bringing them back to school with me
long bus rides
the thought of spring break being just 19 days away
quoting your favorite television show
cancelled class ;)
cookin dinner with my awesome dad
salvo trips and crafts with rachael

and well, i'm pretty sure that this little list of mine could go on for quite some time...i've got two more busy weeks ahead until i find myself on a big blue megabus to see my wonderful and beautiful friends at penn state :) and i'm definitely taking advantage of the time to get as much work done ahead of time as i can! going home last weekend was probably the best idea i've had in a long time--i miss you mom and dad! (and trey!) i hope everyone is having a good month of february so far, and happy valentines day! don't forget to let those whom you love, know just how much they mean to you :)

and, since i didn't really have time to blog about all of these wonderful people in my life earlier this week...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to four people who mean oh so much to me. i wish you all another year of uncontrollable happiness :)
steph--feb. six
to a girl who can make whoever she is surrounded with
laugh - a gift that i truly admire about you.
i'm so thankful to have you here at pitt with me;
for the ear you lend to listening and the
nonstop fun that we have together each day.
you've made my second year here at pitt a great one,
and i cant wait for two more to come--
happy 19th woman!

leah--feb. seven
to a cousin who has always been more like a sister to me.
who lived with us for three weeks straight and who really
knows how to put away some lunch meat ;)
it's such a cool feeling to know that, if i ever come home for
a short weekend, that you're just right down the road.
you're one of the hardest working people i know and you
always persevere--
happy 23rd!

ash--feb. eight
to one of the realest girls i know. someone who never fails
to think of everybody else - who has done so much for me over
the years that i'll never be able to say thank you enough. 
i know that, any time we hang out, that i'm going to have a good time,
cus that's just the type of person that you are. even at two totally different
schools, i know that i can always count on you to be there 
for me. you have one of the biggest hearts.
happy 20th woman!

mike--feb. eight
to one of the best big brothers i could ever ask for;
to one of my very best friends. i feel so lucky to have not only
one, but two, big brothers who i don't fight with. who i can call
up any time during the day and just talk. you're probably one of the
only people who i can have a conversation made up entirely of television
show and movie quotes with and have it actually make
sense. thanks for never ever failing to make
me laugh.
happy 25th man!

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