Tuesday, January 31, 2012

its such a perfect day...

I am awfully sorry for my lack of blogging lately, but the truth is--I've just been so busy this last week! And it feels like today is my first day to just totally relax (and not even completely--I have a big exam to study for! ahhh!! procrastination!!!) But I figured that I should update this before even more big things happen in my life! So here it goes: the rundown of my life, as of late:

We held Open Meeting for our Service Fraternity last Wednesday, and after hanging up hundreds of flyers, tabling all week long, and passing the word on to friends, I'd say that our fraternity did a pretty damn good job at recruiting people! We had about 80 students show up who are interested in joining! It was really exciting to see so many people become interested in something that has really changed my experience here at Pitt, in the best possible way.
Thursday I went to an "Ice Breaker" game-night event to meet a lot of the new pledges and it was a blast! Everyone was so excited to be there and so sooo friendly--we have a really good group of people coming in. Afterwards, a group of my friends and I headed down to Nordy's Place at the bottom of the Union. They were hosting an Open Mic Night of singers, guitar players, and comedians. And we had a BLAST! The opening band was actually a local Pittsburgh Band, and afterwards they came over to meet us and thank us for their support! We must have been there for a good three hours, but it was just a really really good time. And it made me realize that, somehow, Thursday nights always turn out to be one of my favorite nights of the week...
Friday, I spent most of the daytime doing homework (lots of reading this semester!) in preparation for a busy night! APO met in the Union to make blankets for underprivileged children. Luckily for me, I just happened to be a certified pro at it thanks to my mom who taught me that skill waaayyyy back in the day at one of my birthday parties ;) THANKS MOM--the kids appreciate your talents!! hahaha
Afterwards--David, Daniela, and I took an adventure downtown to the Cultural District for a play at the Byham Theater. We saw Spring Awakening. It's a musical set to rock-themed songs and it's about a bunch of teenagers in the Victorian Era...it was pretty entertaining! And I had a great time enjoying the night with D and David.
I spent the rest of the night just hanging out with my wonderful and crazy friends, and I have to admit, I think this turned out to be one of the funniest nights ever--everyone was definitely on their A-game ;)

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to take part in "Adopt-A-Block." We went out and picked up trash along the streets of South Oakland. There was a big group of us, and we ended up having a really great time. Afterwards we went out for coffee and bagels and talked to our new friend, Wiki, an exchange student from China. He taught us some Chinese and told us tons of crazy stories about his world travels--the best part about him though is definitely his British accent! He had us alllll cracking up!!
And THEN the beautiful Ashley arrived!!!! Steph and I picked her up from the Megabus station and spent the whole day together. She's just wonderful, and I was super happy about her arrival/spontaneous visit! It's always great to have visitors and something like that to look forward to. We spent the night with our friend Pags, making lots of yummy food and laughing the whole night through!!
On SUNDAY, I ventured out to the Pittsburgh Zoo with three other girls from one of my classes. We're in a sort of Nature/Global Politics class together and we have to give a presentation soon, so we chose the zoo! We lucked out with a somewhat warm day, and the animals were all really active! I just love going to the zoo. Unfortunately, the polar bears weren't out :( But we had a great time! I haven't had time to load the pictures from my camera onto my computer yet, so here are a few from my phone...and I promise, more to come! Cus who doesn't like to look at pictures of cute animals??
We dropped Ash back off at the Megabus stations and headed to an E-Board Meeting and finished the night with some homework. I'd also like to mention how much I've enjoyed skype dates with my amazing friends Rach and Colleen this past week! You guys are da bomb! And all of the delicious meals I've enjoyed with my friends here at Pitt. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life :)
Oh, and before I forget, last night we made Valentines Cards for The Children's Institute! It was really fun to get to be creative! Here's the card that I made, and here's David! He's going to be my travel partner in March! Yay!!

I'm heading back to Harrisburg this weekend, and I honestly cannot wait! I can't wait to see my puppy! And Rach! And my parents and cousin! And to drive! And to see movies! And all that good stuff--hopefully I have lots to blog about!

Take care everyone!--time to go finally study for this exam! :P

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