Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Winter Break: In Pictures

well, it went insaaaanely fast, and i'm already back in da burgh...and i know that i really started slackin' on keeping you all well-informed of my wonderful times back home...but i just got so busy!!! so here are a few things that i really really loved about being home this christmas:

baking with mom-peppermint bark! a lunch date with brittany who just so happened to be home from CA-she's doing so well out there too and just started a new job! hooray for good news!! dinner at red robin with colleen and daniela and with the most beautiful waitress in the entire place--the lovely lauren! making loads and loads of popcorn at the reegz! seeing new years eve (the movie) with my out of this world mom ;) hot chocolate on christmas. being reunited after 5 and a half months with my WONDERFUL and AMAZING boyfriend alex lewis! and doing tons of awesome things with him, like playing hockey on an empty rink at the Hershey Arena and skating at Twin Ponds. Making buffalo chicken dip and having our very favorite Stromboli and bacon cheddar cheese fries from YP! i also got to spend new years with him and eat some more of Lewistown's infamous bread and ranch! and even had dinner with his parents. it felt so good to be back together :)  early morning frost and dentist appointments. laughing on the phone with jim and mom til i cried! gift swaps with my best friends--nothing is cooler than seeing someone smile so big after opening a giant poster of taylor lautner ;) hahahaha. getting SICKKK t-shirts with ashley's face on them!! (no, seriously..aren't they awesome??) attempting to get breakfast at mcdonalds with jimbo-who knew they stopped serving breakfast at 10:30? doesn't that seem super early to anybody else??? watching syfy movies with my dad :) late night mcflurries. tons of sheetz coffee (soso good). a diner trip filled with cheesecake and coffee with alex. visits from all my friends while working! lots of scrumptious food. and spending lots of awesome time with my brothers :)

i love christmas. i love when the whole family is home and we all spend those solid three days together--cus i know that i'll be eating well and i'll be laughing often. and really, nothing at all can beat that :)

i took the train back into Pittsburgh (what a beautiful ride--i recommend it to anyone!) and already had my first day of classes..and if it is any sign of how the rest of the semester is going to be...then it's going to be a BUSY one! i already have a paper due monday and a presentation due wednesday! ahhh!!
but that's not gonna stop me from having a good weekend--tonight kaylie is picking us up and we're going snow tubing! and having a delicious home-cooked meal! (i can't wait!!!) and my friends brian and suds are here for the weekend too! woohoo!

i hope everyone else has an action-packed weekend as well!

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