Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Blogging World...

or to the few (but wonderful) readers that i do have:

i promise i'll be back to blog soon--but with the harsh reality of no longer being in beautiful sunny california (although i really can't complain about this gorgeous weather we've been having here, now can i?) and my new-found addiction to the hunger games (no really, start reading them now. i haven't read something this addicting since harry potter..and i'm on the last one!) and then there's been the ever-increasing load of presentations and essays and exams that teachers love to cram into the last month of school. not to mention my recent discovery of the television series: arrested development (seriously though, how did that show ever get canceled?) ....well needless to say i've been busy.

and it seems that everyone is just so happy to be back at Pitt now that the weather is stunning...and any free time that i do attain, i've been taking complete advantage of it by spending it with friends: all of them. oh i feel so blessed and happy lately (minus the accumulating stress of upcoming assignments and finals) and the nice little breeze through my window reminds me every day just how lucky i am to be here.

so, as i continue to fully enjoy my last month (i can't believe that i have exactly one month left of being a sophomore; where did the time go? i'm going to be halfway done with college! eek!) here in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh before heading home for the summer, i'll try my very best to blog just a little bit much to write about, not enough time in the day!

but in the meantime, here is a very very condensed list of the things that have made me happy as of late:
lunch date after lunch date with all of my fascinating and inspiring friends. st. pattys day celebrations. productive mornings fading into afternoons at the library. the feeling of staying up all hours of the night just to read a good book. sitting outside for an entire day just to study. finally being done with a very extensive and time-consuming presentation. spending two hours over frozen yogurt with friends. spending time with my fraternity brothers. looking forward to apo formal. mcdonalds vanilla iced coffee to start the day. cancelled class. a busy week to look forward to. unexpected phone conversations. playing draw-something. st. pattys day surprises from mom, mimi, and mrs. norman. and all of the unexpected friendships i have made this past week.

i hope everyone else is enjoying this nonstop beautiful life as much as i am right now :)


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