Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been a while; catching up!

So I'm just accepting the fact that I am an awful blogger! Life here in Pittsburgh has just been crazy lately in the best possible way! So here are some pictures and just a few words to catch you all up on life as of late:

these are from before spring break but i realized i never posted about my
 trip to Penn State; so here's my little thank you to rach and ash 
for spending the weekend with me! 
Had an exciting St. Patrick's weekend! Apart from the mounds
and mounds of work I had, I forced myself to get up early everyday and
trek to the library so that I could spend the nights with my incredible friends!
We made yummy cupcake treats and everyone gathered to celebrate the
Irish Holiday ;)
Enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous 80 degree weather that we had for a 
few weeks with lunches on the lawn and endless walks around the burgh!
The first picture is D enjoying some delicious chinese food before we waited in
the huuuuge line (on the first day of Spring) for free Rita's!! yummm! The second
picture is from an adventure Caroline and I took to the Deaf school to watch a basketball
game for was a failed attempt as there was not actually a game, but ohwell! We 
did learn a new bus route! And the bottom picture is from a walk near Schenley that 
Lauren and I took when I was showing her where my future home will be! yay!
We're going to be so close to this tiny--i guess its called a lake...I can't wait!
Did lots and lots of volunteering for APO--including helping
out at the Soup Kitchen, which really gave me a whole new 
perspective on a lot of things. I'm so lucky and thankful for all that
my parents have not only provided me with, but for what they have taught 
me as well. To always work hard for what you want and to help others
who don't have all that you do. 
A group of us then got up super early on a Saturday morning to
go see The Hunger Games! ahhh! sooo good! If you haven't read the
books yet-READ THEM! and if you haven't seen the movie yet-SEE IT. NOW!

Went to APO Formal! Ahh it was so much fun! To get dressed up super nice
for something--cus lets face it, those opportunities don't really arise all that
often in college. I had such a good time--i love these people :)
 myself. joe. wiki. and laur.
 the girls: d. myself. lauren. maggie. anna. marissa. 
my big! brandon!
and now i officially have a little! val! she's the best :)
and the two girls (more like sisters) who are completely responsible
for my entire look for the night! the dress. the hair. the makeup. the shoes.
they did it all! oh they are just the best :)
 this was my hot date for the evening ;)
 to david, lauren, and d: i don't know where i would be without
you guys here at pitt with me. you've made this past semester,
in particular, FLY! and i can't believe that we only have two more
weeks together. david-i feel like you've been our friend seriously
for forever--i'm so looking forward to the next two years that
we all have together, and can't wait to see what other
messes we can get ourselves into! i love you all! :)
joe. d. myself. and laur. 
so glad i got you to join APO joe!!!
Enjoyed a spontaneous trip to the movies after a grueling day at the
library to see 21 Jump Street with Lauren, D, and Mags. We had
to go to the Waterfront to get supplies to make gifts for our Littles
and decided to make an evening out of it--I love those spontaneous
decisions that we make. The movie was hilarious! And Initiation (carol
and i pictured above) for our new brothers went really really well! 
It's so exciting to have morenew brothers! As corny as it sounds, 
we're just one big happy family :)
Also went to an awesome Big Sean concert on campus
with all of my friends! It was a nice change of pace to do something different!
And then on Sunday morning I got up suuuuper 
early in order to get Student Rush tickets for the Pens vs Flyers
game for Lauren and I! I don't know how I managed to do it, but
I got tickets! And it was her first NHL game ever! It was awesome!
And I would totally post a really cool picture of the arena BUTTT
blogger has just informed me that I have run out of photo space (again)
sooooo...until I find another site to continue won't be hearing 
from me for a little while! :(  
anyone have any suggestions?


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