Friday, March 25, 2011

"I Think Everybody Should Like Everybody" -Andy Warhol

Soooo it's been FOREVER since I've blogged and well, basically just because I've been busy! I went home for Spring Break and had an awesome time with friends and family. It included lots of movie watching, some bowling, and even a Jersey Shore themed party with some friends.  It was really nice to be home with awesome weather and thinking about it just makes me wish for suuummmmmerrr!! One more month, can't wait!!!
But anyway, the first weekend back at school, some friends and I decided to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! 
 Myself and Kevin
 Caroline and I
the girls: kim, amy, beth, maggie, caroline,
daniela, amy, and myself.
Friday night Ash, Steph, and Hunter arrived on the megabus to the Burgh! Ash and Hunter from Penn State and Steph from Harrisburg.  It was undoubtedly one of the best weekends I have ever had here at Pitt.  Saturday we spent just about three hours in Market Central just talking and laughing and of course eating (cus I feel like that's alllll my friends and I do when we're together!) and basically just having the best time ever.  Afterwards, we took turns pretending to be "Pitt Pathfinders" and gave our little group a tour of the campus. It was hilarious. I honestly think that the three of them are probably the three funniest friends that I have. We just have so many inside jokes and we all just laugh nonstop. And I'm talkin' belly achin' just doesn't get any better than that :)
 Pitt Pathfinder: Steph, and her "tour group"
 We ran into Jimmy from CD!
 Best friends; sisters; love.
 Our new family.
 We even went to Carnegie Mellon to visit Bennett!
Doing "The Bennett Pose"
 Love her.
 We found these awesome benches that rolled around
and well, of course they entertained us. A lot.
 Steph and Hunter reenacting harry Potter and Hermione! 
Amazing friends<3
What else is even cooler? Probably the fact that they all get along so well with my friends from Pitt. We enjoyed much much pizza and many manyy laughs :)
Pitt Girls!
Caroline, Kimmy, Kim, Lauren, and Myself.

So once the weekend was over, I'll admit, life seemed pretty dull without my friends here anymore with me. But it was time to get back into School Mode. Soooo I spent most of the week doing homework and of course, going to class. Which I really can't complain about at all.  Daniela and I had an Astronomy Exam on Wednesday and right after that I scrambled to select housing for next year and THANKFULLY I got a room! I'll be living in Lothrop next year. On the same floor as Maggie, Alyssa, Caroline, and plenntyyyy of other girls that they know. I think it's gonna be pretty awesome. I'm excited to live with some new people and some old. And even to just be in a new area of campus.

Thursday night, instead of going to my Creative Writing class in the Cathedral, my teacher asked us all to attend the Black Nature Poetry Reading at the August Wilson Center, where she would be reading some samples of her poetry along with some other poets. 
The entire class met up and we took the bus downtown and got there early enough to attend this sort of Slam Poetry event. It was pretty cool. Then we went upstairs to where our teacher would be reading and just sort of got to mingle. I talked to a few people from the class who I haven't really gotten to meet yet, and it was really fun. The event lasted from 7 until 9 and there was some aweesomee poems read. I thought it was really cool how, every week, our teacher sits in the classroom and listens to what we write and now, this one time, we were finally able to come support her and to listen to her read. She was so happy to have us all there. It was pretty special.

Afterwards, I went back to the dorm for the finale of Jersey Shore with the crew. I was a little disappointed with the finale, but still looking forward to the Reunion Show on Thursday. Yeah, a lot of people call it Trash TV...but there's just something about it that sucks me in, what can I say? 
Everyone ended up leaving except Kim so she, D, and I sat up alllll night long (seriously, all night long...we didn't go to bed until 5am!!!) talking about the most random topics ever. Superpowers, wishes from a Genie, government and corruption, Poland, different times in history....everything. I couldn't name it all if I tried.  It was really fun though, just hanging out and talking so easily with two other people.

Needless to say, I most definitely slept in on Friday! I mean, who wouldn't? I grabbed some breakfast, err...lunch and hit the books. It feels like I have soooo much reading and writing to get done this weekend. I just gotta do one thing at a time. I did finish a memoir that I had to read for Creative Writing though, A Three Dog Summer, and I definitely recommend it. It might make you cry, but at the same time it'll still make you feel good at the end. But anyway, finished that! 
Then, kind of spur of the moment, we decided to go to the Andy Warhol Museum. I LOVED it! I went with Kim, Caroline, Daniela, Christina, and Skye. We took the 500 downtown and found our way there pretty easily. It's a definite plus that Pitt Students get into the museums for free with our Student ID's...major plus. The museum was soooo cool. There was a lot of Pop Art of course and abstract stuff and print-making (which I have sooo much more respect for since listening to the whole process from Jim) and everything was just soooo bright! I really enjoyed myself. I felt bad because everyone was always waiting for me to be done with the exhibit but I was just so into it and wanted to read everything and know about it all! I definitely want to go back.
We made our way back to Oakland, grabbed some late-night snacks at Market, and now, here I sit...blogging away. Finally. I've missed it! So i hope that I have pleeennnttyyy more exciting things to write about..I'll keep you all posted!

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