Thursday, March 31, 2011

One More Month!

Went to the Allegheny Observatory last night for my Astronomy class! The class requires that each student attend one session at the Observatory in order to pass, so Daniela and I picked last night to attend. Of course we picked the rainiest, snowiest day to go and weren't able to look through any of the telescopes, but it was definitely an experience.  We went with a random group of people and walked through a two hour tour with our tour guide named Bert! It was definitely cool to see everything and hear some of the stories behind it all, and I was surprised at how many questions I could answer based on my Junior year astronomy class I took. (yes, Junior year in high school...not my current class in college haha). The telescopes were HUGE! And one of the them was actually the telescope used to discover that Saturn's rings are in fact, not solid. Betchya didn't know that!  We also learned about "The Great Lens Napping!"...I suggest you read about it, it was actually pretty interesting, they never even caught the people who stole the lens! And these lens's take years to make. Yes, years! My only complaint? It was absolutely freezing inside, but I was happy to be with a group of people who could make it a pretty hilarious time overall.
I feel really lucky that I get to experience so much of Pittsburgh and that it's only my first year definitely leaves me looking forward to the next three years to come :)
This weekend I am visiting none other than my very best friend, Colleen! I'm spending the weekend at Shippensburg University and I absolutely cannot wait.  I love this girl; she's been my best friend ever since kindergarten. I feel like not many people get to say that, and I'm so thankful for the friend that she has been to me for all these years :) I'm pretty sure that she's one of the only people who is able to put up with me in my most annoying times :P and she is also one of my only friends willing enough to let me lean on her during every single movie we have ever watched. No joke. I think it's safe to say that Colleen knows me better than almost anyone..and she still sticks around ;) I'm also looking forward to seeing my friend Chelsea there as well! And I cannot wait to introduce the two!!! Then I'll be spending one night at home and I cannot wait to see what crazy things Mike and I get into while I'm there :P  
Chelsea is the girl next to me in the pink; we technically met my Freshman year in my US History class, but didn't really get to know one another until my Junior year when we both signed up for 3D art. We had that class for two years in a row together, the second year being a double period. Needless to say, we became really close friends and have ended up doing a lot together, including sleepovers, Starbucks runs, concerts, and even Senior Week. I'm really looking forward to another action-packed summer with her and of course this weekend to come!
 So I'll be getting up superrrr early tomorrow in order to catch the 6:20am excited!!!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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