Tuesday, March 1, 2011

State Patty's Day!

So I had, probably, one of the best times ever at Penn State this weekend for State Patty's Day. Lots of old friends and lotttsssss of new friends. I wish I was back there already!!!  Here are just a few pictures of the weekend..
Steph. Ash. and Myself.
best friends<3
Alyssa. Myself. and Alex.
(two of Ash's future roommates)
Ash. Matt. Alyssa. Steph. Brittni. Myself.
"if you were a pirate, would you want your
parrot on this shoulder....or thisss shoulder??"
Myself. Ashley. Brittni.
Alyssa's best friend Brittni who was alsoooo
visiting! Right from Bethel Park, PA :)
and a special thanks to the two best roommates ever
who had such awesome hospitality this past weekend.
you two are the best :)

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