Tuesday, February 8, 2011

For the eye has this strange property;

it rests only on beauty..."
                                     -Virginia Woolfe

So my weekend back in Harrisburg was pretty much..awesome. Seriously though! I woke up early on Friday, got some breakfast and coffee, and took the port authority bus to the megabus station with Alyssa and Beth.  Then i enjoyed a nice four hour bus ride with Alyssa to Harrisburgggggg. It was...interesting. Meaning: there were a few passengers threatening the driver, but in the end, we got there...SAFE AND SOUND. phew! My mom and mike picked me up and then my weekend just rockedddddd.
It included:
going to the girl's senior night game vs cumberland valley! They didn't win, but they all played great, and it was awesome cheering them on and being reunited with them all :) We even went out to eat afterwards with the whole team...just like the old days. I really do miss it. Because I know that im guaranteed to laugh when i'm with all the girls. My best friends<3
ashley: this girl makes me laugh more than anyone...
some of you miiight know who she's impersonating here ;)
Afterwards, Ash, Steph, Mike, and I enjoyed some good food and awesome conversations at the CPD. Really, nothing gets better than those nights (except if jimbo was there too, heyyyy!). I love the CPD tradition that we've started...its definitely gonna have to continue.
Saturday we all met up at Applebees to have lunch and celebrate Ash and Steph's Birthdays!! 18 and 19 years old :) The group included Ash, Steph, Carly, Myself, Haley, and Emilee. It.was.awesome.  Good food, good people, good times. 
Haley Shutt: i love this girl. I'm so glad that we've gotten closer over this past year, and I cannotttt wait for this summer. Pool parties. Hot tub parties. Sleepovers. Regal shifts. Its gonna be crazy. I love you.
Afterwards, Alex picked me up and we went to dinner! Got some bangin' bacon-cheddar cheese fries at YP and some ice cream too, and spent the rest of the night just catchin' up :)
THEN I went to Haley's for a sleepover with the girlsssss! We hot tubbed and shot about a billion videos. Talked in British accents and had numerous dance parties. I really do have the best group of friends in the world. We had the best time :) I would like to take this moment to point out that Haley and Gabby are the absolute best dancers that I know ;) They will be featured in my next video project for sureeee!
 Johnstons & Steph
Sunday, I went to church with big-bro-mike and then we did some running around for my mom. I purchased a new Flip video camera (so pumped. such good quality) and then we had our Superbowl Partyyyy! It was a lot of fun :) So many of my mom and dad's friends came and then some of myyyy friends came too! (Carly even sported her Cheese-Head...boooo).  Sadly, the Steelers lost, but it didn't stop anybody from having a good time. The food was everyyyything that I hoped it would be. I'm pretty sure I gained about 100 pounds this weekend while being home, but I am most definitely not complaining. 
And by Monday, my weekend was over :( I took the megabus home (the ride went extreeeemely fast) and found myself back in a pretty gloomy Pittsburgh. I'm guessing it was so rainy because of the Steelers loss...it only makes sense. I went to a lecture at the Carnegie Music Hall by the author, Sapphire. She wrote the book, Push, which was the basis for the movie, Precious. It was pretty cool actually. The seats were a little too close together for me, but the message behind what she was saying was pretty cool. She talked about all the criticism and "hate mail" she got from readers and other authors but she also talked about how she would continue to stand strong behind her story. About how she talked to real people with real problems and adapted it to fiction writing. It was cool, because, in a way, her story is somewhat true. And she read a lot of poems by authors that she really respected and enjoyed, which in my opinion was really cool. 
I finished my night with writing a paper and spent the majority of today at Starbucks working on various homework assignments. It's nice being back in the city but I'm definitely ready for some summer weather....
And now I would just like to say:
24 years old. Ya old geezer....
time to get you that rogaine i guess ;)

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