Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Getting warmer in Pittsburgh....

Some Things I've Enjoyed Lately...

1. dinner at Primanti Brothers with Kim, Ruben, and Goop.
2. movie night and a flashback to the 90's with Goop and Kim.
3. a weekend with my own room (love you d and laur!)
4. random visits from Maggie.
5. study sessions at Panera with Maggie, John, and Kevin.
6. lady gaga's new song: Born This Way.
7. the book I'm reading for creative writing: Coming of Age in Mississippi.
8. lunch dates with my friends.
9. roses on Valentine's Day.
10. three-way skyping with Steph and Ash.
11. cool "stunna shades."
12. pizza from Sorrento's with John and Alek.
13. lottery tickets.
14. having everyone back on the floor (love you Holland Floor 3!)
15. telephone calls from my two favorite brothers in the world.

Kim at Primanti Brothers

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