Friday, February 18, 2011

A little bit of Sunshine goes a long way...

the Throp girls!
I think anyone can agree with me that the weather has been insanely strange lately. Seriously, 60-something degree weather in the middle of February?? Absurd. Needless to say, the students of Pitt (and I'm sure just about every other college campus in PA) have decided to take advantage of it. Especially with today being Friday and all. So of course we did too! Maggie (who lives in a different dorm building, Lothrop) asked us to join her and a bunch of her "Throp Friends" as we like to call them, for a picnic on the Soldiers and Sailor's Lawn to enjoy this simply amazing weather.  Well, the picnic part didn't exactly work out, but we did a lot of other things from frisbee throwing, picture-taking, ice cream eating, video-shooting, ukelele playing, singing, to just plain goofing off. It was really fun.  A few of the friends I had never met before, but everyone was suuuuper nice. Just another thing that has made me positive that I have met the best people that Pitt has to offer...and they just keep introducing me to more! It was great. I love the warm weather, it makes me want summer that much mooooore...but I'm willing to wait for it if it means getting to spend every day until then with these awesome people I call my best friends :)
 Maggie and Myself
Jackie playing the ukelele
 the Throp girls once again.
Goop and Laur
 Laur and Maggie

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