Thursday, February 3, 2011


Top 10 Reasons why this day has rocked
and will continue TO rock:
1. I watched an awesome movie in film class.
2. Got a ticket to see B.O.B. in concert for only $5!
3. Had a good workout at the gym with caroline!
4. Decorated the room some more.
5. Lunch with D at Einstein's. 
6. I got a FREE bowl of soup!
7. Goop made me a wonderfullll cd.
8. Guest speaker in Creative Writing tonight!
9. Jersey Shore partyyyy!
10. Brownie Bites.

Tomorrow I shall be leaving Steeler Country to go back to the Burg (without an h on the end). And I'm riding the megabus with Alyssa! Too excited right now :)

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