Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blah Blah Blahhh....

Wow. What an awesome weekend. And now I'm back at Pitt, two days in, and I only have eight more days to go. It's craaazyyy. And I feel like I have so much to fit into these next couple of days, and I'm sitting her blogging, sipping on my Dunkin Donuts coffee and jamming to music...I really need cut procrastination out of my life. It's just soooo hard to be motivated when summer is literally just around the short week away! Ugh. I mean, it's not even like I have thaaat much to do...I have an exam tomorrow morning, a project due Monday at 3:00 (yes, this has been looming over me because I honestly just don't feel like putting together an annotated bibliography..snooze fest), and a final exam Wednesday night. I just need to get myself over to the library and stay there for an entire day. That sounds like a good plan, right? 
Cathedral of Learning.
Well ANYWAY, back to my weekend. After an eventful Thursday-Friday with my cousin Leah and an awesome festival in the Quad, it was time for Friday night! My friend Tanner from Regal came up for the weekend to visit some of his friends and invited me to hang out with them too! Let me just say, he has some really reallllyyy awesome friends. And his friends met some of my friends and it was just a whole lotta new friendships being formed! I really couldn't ask for more. It was great :) Not to mention that Tanner is absolutely I was pretty much laughing the entire night away..
Tanner and Me!! :)
Saturday morning I got up pretty early to (sort of) pack. I went to breakfast at Market with Caroline and Alyssa and we got there before they even opened up...Saturday mornings on campus are was like a ghost town, but at the same time, super enjoyable. So we had some breakfast and then I trekked on downtown to the megabus station, had an enjoyable four hour drive to Harrisburg, got picked up by my big brother Mike, and arrived home to my wonderful family :)
Myself, Tanner, and friendships!
It was a great night. We all pitched in to help Jim with an art final that he's been working on, and has finished by the way!...he had to make a mold of his face in order to replicate it three times. So we used sooome kind of material that my dad uses to make molds of teeth, and then we used plaster on top of that. It was definitely a sight to see!...his face was compleeetely covered and he had some straws sticking out of his nose so he could breathe (I definitely don't think I could have done this...) He couldn't really talk much his form of communication was basically just some grunting noises and hand movements, until my mom thought of the good idea of writing on a white board. Oh my family :)
Alex walked in mid-project and said that he's pretty positive that he'll never walk in on something like this ever again hahaha...I have to say, that I am willing to bet that statement to be very veryyy true! 
Workin' on Jim's project!
 And here he is, plaster on face and straws in nose,
writing to my Mom about how it feels!
That night, Mom, Dad, Mike, Jim, Alex, and I went to dinner in Hummelstown at this place called The Gas Station. I had never been there so I didn't know what to expect..but it was aweeesome inside! Mike said it's also pretty poppin' on weekend nights too...they had some really good food too. I ordered a pretzel sandwich...huuuge but incredibly satisfying. Dinner was a great time, but I have to say that bowling was definitely the highlight of my night :) Our neighbors came along so there were eight of us all together and we had a ball (no pun intended!) It was SO much fun! We got there in time for cosmic bowling so the lights were crazy and the big screens were down playing music videos from just about every genre and everyone was dancing and joking around, clapping for each other, and really everyone was bowling REALLY well! It was just a great time. I feel so blessed to have a family that likes to do things together and has a good time doing them too. We bowled three games and by the time we got home it was 12:30 in the morning and we were all pooped! So to bed we all wentttt!

Sunday, since I had gone to church Saturday night with Mike, I went over to Alex's for the day. We had a great time...we went ice skating with his friends Alex (yes, same name..this is not a typo!) and Amanda, and then he and I picked up Carly and drove Emilee back to her house after she locked her keys in her car :P ...good ole' Em! The three of us had dinner and hung out for awhile talking and laughing and just being us :) Carly left and Alex and I hung out for the rest of the night, watching movies and shows and having some deliciousssss ice cream at Dairy Queen. I went home afterwards and watched some latenight tv with Mike and we hung out like we always seem to do :)
Alex and I, not from the weekend but I felt as if the writing-to-picture
ratio was definitely not equal in this blog entry :P
Monday I fiiinally got to sleep in! Mike and I went out to lunch together and I got a surprise visit from Steph...she's super excited to come to Pitt next year. I found out that she's actually majoring in Communications like I am! (yes, my major has changed yet againnnn...majoring in Communications, related area of study in English Writing, and a certificate in Writing for the Professions)...I'm actually really excited about this one! So Steph left, I stopped at Regal to put in my availability for the summer (soooo excited to go back to work for the summer!!) and then Carly stopped by!!! She recently tore her ACL for the third time so she's been pretty down (and I do not blame her at allll) so she and I dyed Easter Eggs!!! Yayyy! It was great :)  Then the famsquad and I had dinner..buffalo chicken cheese dip (SOOOO GOOOOD!...reminds me of all those basketball pasta partiessss) and then Mom and Dad drove me to the mall to get picked up by the megabus!
Easter Eggs!
The ride home was a little longer than usual because of traffic, but it was pretty empty so it was enjoyable. And I was even picked up in Pitt by my friends Kimmy and Goop. I've made the best friends here at Pitt...I mean, to come all the way downtown at midnight on a Monday, who DOES that!? I can't believe that I have to leave them all this summer for four whole monthsssss...I'm so sad :( But I know that the summer is going to flyyy by and that we'll be back here in no time and pick up exactly where we left off.

So now, I just need to get through this week. And I should probably try to be a little more productive.... But I have Sunday Easter Dinner to look forward to at my Aunt Lisa's house! And Daniela and Caroline are going to be joining me! Yayyy!! So until the next time I blog...have a wonderful rest of the week everyone and enjoy your Easter and the (hopefully) nice weather, and I'll see all of you back in Harrisburg in just one week! ;)

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