Saturday, April 23, 2011

Globular Clusters!?

So today was basically a hands down gorgeous day. I slept in til about noon, had some lunch with D, Caroline, Maggie, and Amy and then began my adventure!
looooved this; locks. 
If there's one sort of "secret" place about Pitt that I love, it has to be Schenley Park. Seriously. It's like..this hidden nature walk in this secret valley right in the middle of Pittsburgh. From our dorm building, we walk down Forbes, cross over past the carousel, and walk over a bridge or two. Walk past the Phipps Conservatory and there it is. A steep set of stairs and suddenly the life of the city world is completely gone. You don't hear anything. No cars. No sirens. No construction. Just the crunch of the stones under your feet and the occasional panting of the dogs that you pass. It's beautiful. 

Daniela and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day (between the random spurts of rain) and to get some exercise at the same time by taking a walk. I told her that I wanted to show her Schenley since she hasn't been there yet and her first reaction to the place was the same that mine had been: "howwww did I not know about this place?!" There were so many people out too. We walked for close to two hours, stopped at some really pretty bridges, took some awesome pictures, and sat down by this little pond/lake sort of thing (I'm not really sure how to classify it) and watched this family with three kids playing with their dog just enjoying the nice weather. We talked about what our next three years are going to be like here at Pitt, and how happy we are to have found a place like this to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. *sigh* It reminded me a lot of taking walks at Wildwood back at home, and really, if anything else, made me really really miss our dog. I can't wait to take him for long walks around the lake in just one week!!!

So other than our escape from reality today, life in the Burgh has been pretty school-related. My last class of my freshman year ended Thursday morning with a test, and I spent the rest of the day being incredibly productive. I spent the night in the library with Lauren, Goop, and Maggie, and compleeeetely finished my Film Final Project. I worked a solid eight hours on it on Thursday and it feels soooo good to finally be done! And since I worked so hard on it, I took the entire day of Friday off from school work. It was a super rainy day anyway so I spent it watching movies and tv shows and sipping on some free Starbucks coffee (thank you Earth day!) It was just splendid ;)
  thank god for the always
aids us in finding our way back from all of 
our adventures!

And now here I am, Saturday night, hanging out upstairs in the lounge with Goop and D. Casually studying for my Astronomy final and enjoying some free tea and cookies courtesy of the RA's of Holland. It really could not get any better. We'll probably be up here for awhile, end our night with some strange movie, and laugh until our stomachs hurt..because those are just the kinds of nights you end up having when you're in college with your best friends. It's really an awesome thing. I can't believe that I'll be out of here in just a few days. It's so surreal seeing people moving out of their rooms already, wheeling carts all over campus filled with microwaves and suitcases. Chances are, most of those things will sit in a pile until next semester, when we'll all pack our cars up again, move in again, and create a billion more memories together again. I can't even wait :)
if you look reaaalllly close, you can see Daniela, Lauren,
Kim, and Kimmy's future apartment in the background!

Happy Easter Everybody! I hope you all enjoy good food and good company! I know that I my Aunt's house with my relatives, as well as Daniela and Caroline. Can't wait to see you all back in Harrisburg! :)
view of a portion of Schenley park from the bridge above :)

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