Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Can Almost See The Summer Days...

And so the countdown begins!
23 days until I plant myself in Harrisburg for a solid four months of freedom and I could not be more ready. For warm weather, no homework, late nights at the theatre, bare feet, dinners on the back porch, and endless moments with the people who mean the most to me. Please.come.faster.

In other news, I had an amazing weekend. Took the superrr early Megabus back to Harrisburg and 'enjoyed' some "Arthur's Creatures" (aka: Long John Silvers) for lunch with Mom and Mike. I apologize to everyone who will most definitely not understand this inside joke :P I stopped at the theatre to visit Alex (found out that one of my managers is painting sunsets for Lent..and he's amazing...seriously, I was completely blown away) and then began the road trip to Shippensburg with D! Ship is compleeetely different than Pitt...and it was so quiet! But it was nice to get to catch up with Colleen and Stasia and to meet some of their friends too.

We drove back Saturday night, just in time to get up early for Sunday mass with the family. Afterwards, Mom, Dad, Mike, and I enjoyed some incredddddibily delicious breakfast at The Roxy. I had the Deli Omelette and I definitely recommend it! Mom and I spent the remainder of the afternoon doing lots of shopping and also tried the new Custard place on 22..The Meadows. Woah, were those portions huuuuge! But again, incredibly delicious. (I always enjoy all the good food I get to eat when I come home to the Burg). I really really realllyyy enjoyed spending the day with my mom...I feel like we don't get many days like that (I mean, I am at college) but also because she works and I work and our schedules just don't match up...but I really appreciate the time that I do get to spend with her.
this is what "Arthur's Creature's" does to ya! ;)
Miss you Jim!!
THEN I, of couuurse, had to make a trip to Regal!..it was my last time seeing Brit before she leaves for LA!!! She got an internship out there, and I can't believe that she's actually goneeee! She, Hunter, Alex, and I sat around for hours just talking and having a great time...the goodbye wasn't fun, but I know that she's gonna get out there and do big things, because that's just the type of person she is. I'm so proud of her. Also got to see tonssss of my Regal friends before our movie (Source Code) began...I miss them all so much!..and it might sound really lame, but I am actually realllyy looking forward to working this summer with all of them. They're like (warning: corny statement ahead)..family.
Brittany and Myself!
Monday I took the opportunity to sleep in and basically just laze around for most of the day. I did some running around with Mike (gotta say, we had some more awesome late nights together this past weekend..no one makes me laugh like he does) and I was actually productive enough to get a paper done! Go me! ;)  Had an amazing steak dinner courtesy of Dad, and hopped on the Megabus!...with only ten other passengers. Smooth ride, lots of rain, but good company.

And now, here I am. Back at Pitt..and already ready to go back to Harrisburg! I guess I'm just restless...I don't wanna work on all the end-of-semester projects and study for finals...but there really isn't much time left and I know that I need to live it up! After all, I'm only a college freshman once! Right?

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  1. I just wrote a whole paragraph and accidentally clicked a new link-- wmh?

    Anywaysssss, you're absolutely amazing, and I'm glad to see you are living up your college experience and your life in general! I wish we could actually be together at the Reegz, but that's ok. We can just have camp outs in the kitchen the next time I'm home! I miss you so much, and you are such an inspiration to me! Oh, and dont' let college pass you by. Enjoy EVERY second. Although you have papers and exams to study for, you have this incredible journey with some of the greatest people you'll ever meet in college. You'll never get an experience like it again. I envy you for how much time you still have in school.