Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go Insane Go Insane; Throw Some Glitter...Make it Rain! -Ke$ha

What I thought would be a weekend of strictly homework (and so many of our friends were gone this weekend too!), has turned out to be one of the funnest (and extremely different) weekends here at Pitt. So let me give you a rundown!

Went to my classes, film and creative writing. It was my second-to-last creative writing class...I am so sad!! I absolutely love this class and I can't believe that it's over THIS week!! Ohmygoodness. So on Thursday, I'll be turning in my final portfolio for the semester, along with a six page paper, and then we will be having a pizza party, courtesy of my teacher. I can't wait...but I'm also sort of sad to see it come. Cus, once a class is over, you don't see that teacher anymore, or those classmates. I mean, yeah you might see them around, but a lot of them are seniors! And they're graduating! It's insane. Really.
Afterwards, I went up to the lounge to get started on some homework. I have a final on Wednesday (that's right, a freshman year of college is almost over!!!) so I had to get crackin on the studying :/ It was nice though, I finished up my work, watched some Late Night while talking to Mike, and even had some company when Katie and Suds came up to hang out! A very chill, but totally awesome, Thursday night :)

Slept in! And it was glorious! Went to lunch with the girls, and spent the entirety of my day doing hooomework. Blahhh. I wrote a paper and finished my Africa study guide and then, when I thought my day was just about done, Daniela and Kim came barging into the room to get me up outta my chair and hit the Relay for Life Dance Marathon with them! It.was.incredible. I've never seen anything quite like it! It was just this big white tent set up on Bigelow Boulevard, and it was FILLED with students (actually..even non-students!) in bright colored shirts dancing to an awesome dj! The event went from 6pm on Friday to 6pm on Saturday (yes, 24 hours of dancing)...some people I guess pledged to stay the entire time, and a lot of the fraternities and sororities had shifts where they had to attend for a certain amount of time. Well, Kim, Kimmy, D, and I went and danced from midnight until 4am...we were pooped! But it was SO MUCH FUN! I think the spontaneity of it all kind of added to the fun. We met soo many new people and just had a great time, and probably changed our clothes about three times because it was soooo hot in there, but hey, anything to raise a little money for cancer!
Myself, D, and Kim at the Relay for Life
Dance Marathon on Bigelow!

Slept in agaiinnnnn! Had lunch with the girls. Spent the day at the library with Goop!..and surprisingly we actually both got work done this time :P I put together my portfolio and wrote anooooother paper! And then, kind of just hung out and talked. Afterwards, got dinner with Kimmy and her cousin, and then she and I went to the new Razzy Fresh frozen yogurt place! It was my first time..and it was delicious!! I will definitely be stopping there again in these last three weeks at Pitt. 
Myself at Razzy Fresh...just a few blocks away!
After just hanging out for a little while, Kim, Kimmy, and Amy came over to make t-shirts for the Ke$ha Concert! And let me just say, that they all looked awesome. We were blastin' some Ke$ha, making our shirts, talking and laughing...and then...our power went out. Of course! But luckily, this really nice old man came up to fix it for us about ten minutes later and we were back in business :) We spent the remainder night chattin' it up like typical teenage girls do, and then we hit the sack!
 Kimmy working on her shirt..such a big Ke$ha fan..
definitely the best look-a-like there!
Amy working on her shirt!

Definitely my favorite day by farrrrr of the entire weekend! Woke up, got some coffee at Dunkin (my addiction) with Kimmy, and then we got ready for the KE$HA concert! Which meant, LOTS of glitter, big hair, ripped t-shirts, and sooo much fun! We looked sooooo good! And to make things even better, it was the absolute PERFECT day for an outdoor concert...80 degree weather!!! Shocking, I knowwww. 
 Amy and Kimmy!
Kimmy and myself..making faces, like we always
seem to do :P
After getting ready, we went over to Bigelow Boulevard and made our way through the huuuge crowd. We were about mid-crowd when Kimmy and I spotted some girls who really liked our shirts and glitter (which, let me just say, will take me this entire WEEK to fully get off) and they pulled us right up to the front with them! Talk about really nice people to meet! 
Kimmy and myself with the girls we met; they were actually
seniors who twirl for the Pitt Band!
So we were right up front!...once the rest of our friends got there, they made their way up to us (I really have NO idea how they managed that) and the concert begannnn! We got there at 1:30 and Ke$ha's opening act: Beardo, came on around 2:15. I had honestly, never heard of him before. He was..interesting. I mean, people got pretty into his performance so it wasn't AWFUL, but I guess I was just reaaallly looking forward to seeing Ke$ha :)  
 Kimmy and I right up front!
 Jackie, Kim, D, and Amy
Beth, Jackie, and Erin!
So once she came It was epic. I mean, I'm pretty sure she was auto-tuned the entire time, but she was still an awesome performer. She just looked like she was having sooo much fun up there on stage. Wearing crazy outfits and doing cartwheels and just laughinggg and jumping around...she had so much energy! 

sooooo good!
It also helped that I knew just about all of her songs and that everryyyyone was so into the entire thing! We sang along to every single song, I'm actually really surprised that I haven't lost my voice :P She sang for an hour or so and came out for an encore as they always do ;) but what made it better? She crowd-surfed on top of us! Yeah, two concerts this year at Pitt and BOTH TIMES the performer decided to jump RIGHT where I was standing...epic. I had soooo much fun! There was glitter being thrown the entiiiire time! It was even shot out of these cannons and there was "Ke$ha money" shot out was hilarious. She was just incredibly entertaining and had a great attitude and just made everyone laugh. I just wish it would have gone on longer!!!  
 one of my favorite pictures that I took
throughout the entire day.
crazy costumes and even craaazier dancers! 
We met some of the members of her band afterwards and one of her back up dancers..sooo nice! Loved the entire thing..wish it would have never ended!..feeling so lucky for being up front to the last two concerts I went to. Wow.
Myself, Kim, Kimmy, D, and Amy with one of Ke$ha's
dancers after the concert!
Afterwards we all went to Market to fiiinally eat...and drink LOTS of water (sooo hot out, so great). Then Kimmy, Kim, and I walked around for a little while enjoying the nice weather. And then me, being the overly-excited person that I am often called (its okay..its a good thing...I think :P ), just couldn't waiiitt to look at the pictures that I had taken at the concert! So i put them all on the computer, and they've been loading all evening long just for me to put them on here! Looking back on them all, I STILL cannot believe how close she was to us. 
this is my absolute favorite picture from the entire 
day. I just cannot get over how close she was to us; how
much energy she had; and how much FUN the entire day was.
I wish I could do it all over again! 
Then, I attempted to get the glitter off of me (somewhat successful), got some late night food with Kimmy and D, and sat outside in the amazingly cool SPRING weather.  And now I am closing my night by blogging. Perfect.
 Myself, Kimmy, and Beth!
Kimmy, Myself, Kim, Amy, Beth, and D...showing
off our Ke$ha money!
Meeting Beardo at the end!
(Kimmy, Me, D, Amy, Kim, Erin, and Beth)
It's been one amazing and totally unexpected weekend. So glad that I have some awesome friends and that I go to a kick ass school that offers cool concerts for it's students. So blessed. 
17 days left in the Burgh! Definitely gonna miss all the friends I've made, but sooo looking forward to summer...and I know that come August, we'll all pick up exactly where we left off like we were never even separated :) 

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