Wednesday, August 24, 2011


tomorrow i leave for pitt. and really, i couldn't be more excited about it! it's the packing part that's hard. i hate to pack in the first place. packing & unpacking...probably on the top ten list of things i really don't enjoy. i've got boxes to fill, clothes to fold, pictures to print, and lists to check off! of course i wait until the very last possible day to do all of this! and of course i still have yet to start; i'm sitting here blogging and facebooking and tweeting. gosh; my life. 
but i sort of tried to start last night. you see, i was going through all of the pictures i took this summer (as most of you probably know, i take a lot of pictures) and i got this incredible sense of nostalgia. this summer has been one of the most amazing summers of my life. i've worked hard, i've made new friendships and have made old friendships stronger. i've traveled across the country and flew home all by myself. i've gone to the beach and i've learned a little bit more of what it means to have your friends' backs.  i've worked 40 hour weeks and midnight premieres after midnight premieres.  i've laughed more than i've ever laughed, i'd say. i've cried. i've been up & i've been down. i felt free. i cruised around in my little convertible like i was on top of the world. i've stayed up all night with my girlfriends and had talks that i'll remember for a lifetime. and that's when it all began to hit me; i'll never have a summer like this again.  things change. people change. and just like rach put it to me last night, "life happens."  and she's absolutely right. life does happen. and even though none of this will ever be the same ever again, we have all of these things to look back on; to remember. and that's probably the coolest part. 
so here's to what lies ahead! to new jobs and harder classes! to summer internships and the opportunities to meet even more amazing people who will impact my life! and yes; to more packing & unpacking....


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