Monday, August 22, 2011

H vs. NO H.

i miss this trip. and alex. and of course i miss the biff too ;)
it's funny how you can spend 13 hours on the road 
every day for five days, and you still find yourself
wanting to go back to that...

welp, i've been enjoying my last couple of days here in the burg (no h) but i have to say, part of what makes me love this place so much is definitely the friendships that i have here. and now that most of my friends have already gone back to school, i find myself just counting down the days, hours, and minutes, until i leave for pittsburgh! the burgh (with an h).  so i've been spending my last couple of days here working some pretty long hours at the theatre and seeing lots of free movies! gotta get them all in before i have to start paying for them again! (yikes! the only drawback of going to school far away!!) i've still got lots of packing to do and lots of little last-minute things to get but it'll all get done! 

and that's my little update; because i feel as if i have nothing very exciting to fill you all in on!
oh thursday; come faaaster!

hope everyone is doing well!!! :) 

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