Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"she will be loved"

i swear i've had the absolute best luck in the world these past couple of days.
two of my favorite bands ever were playing at the
hershey park star pavilion monday night.
maroon five and train.

i had wanted to get tickets forever ago but couldn't really settle any plans with any of my friends
until finally, carly (she's so awesome) and i decided that we were gonna go anyway!
we tried to get tickets every single day but the answer was always the same:
"it's sold out."
now that's some depressing stuff right there.

so monday rolls around and the two of us decide to go with ash and steph to sit in the parking lot
and listen to this amaaazinggg music.
but we said to ourselves, "if we get the chance to go in...we definitely are."
so wait, it gets better...

the four of us are sitting in ash's car, chowing down on some chips & popcorn
when carly says "did you guys just hear someone yelling 'tickets!'"??
so i jump out of the car, run down this old man....
and we get tickets!
we're in!
the concert was everything (and more) that i had hoped it would be.
we had fairly good seats
and we were on the aisle which was perfect for car's knee.
and we touched pat monahan (lead singer of train).
and adam levine (lead singer of maroon five) was standing behind us watching
train perform almost the entire time!
it was all pretty epic.
and to think we arrived with very low hopes of even getting in...

it rained a little bit throughout the concert;
but that only made it even better.
gosh; what a night :)

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