Friday, August 12, 2011

warning: overload of pictures to make up for my lack of blogging

1-old fashioned carousel; the reegz goes to hershey park. 2-old&new friends laughing over the coincidences of wearing clothes that match the walls. 3-"trey loves ice cream too." 4-swinging. 5-brownie mix; gone in a single day. 6-strawberry smoothies with carly. 7-lunch dates&computer whizzes. 8-sequence; the game of siblings (blood&non-blood). 9-shadows. 10-feeding the ducks. 11-eight shifts in a row with haley. 12-wisdom teeth&a bum knee; two peas in a pod. 13-trey needs some lovin' 14-coy fish feeding. 15-banana creme whoopie pies; only brothers would understand. 16-pepper with noses with dad.

summer is winding down now with only two more weeks until i'm back at school.
&& these are the kinds of moments i'm going to miss most about the summertime.
"the livin' is easy"


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