Friday, August 19, 2011

last friday night;

1. our last friday of summer together.
2. crab & shrimp feast!
3. little wooden hammers.
4. riding on exercise machines.
5. catchphrase! 
6. fruit salad.
7. bug spray.
8. countless stories & memories.
9. blankets.
10. bare feet.
11. wooden decks.
12. party lights!
13. corn on the cob.
14. countless hugs.
15. too many goodbyes.

well, we celebrated our last friday of summer together (in fact, our last day of summer together in general) as a group of old friends by having a pretty delicious feast at ashley's house. as much as i talk about how excited i am to go back to school, i can't help but get a little sad as i see my friends leave one by one this weekend. because, who knows what the future will bring; we may not be all together like this again. it's nights like these that i like to soak in and enjoy; nights like these that i'll think about every time i'm missing home just a little bit. 

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