Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day Glow!

I really ought to start designating a day to blogging; i'm so backed up with cool things to fill you all in on! sooo i thought i would start with the most exciting! This past saturday, DayGlow made it's way to the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. What is DayGlow, you ask? Well, it's pretty much this giiiant concert outside with loud dance music and loads of (non-toxic) paint that shoots out of cannons. It's epic. I think just about half of the Pitt campus was there! My friends and I made our way downtown and across the Smithfield bridge to the venue where DayGlow was to take place. We had a wondrous time! Filled with new friends, colorful paint, blown eardrums, and snazzy sunglasses (at night)!
Oh college, how i love thee sometimes...
Here are just a few snapshots from the night:
Obviously we had an amazing time. And we even got to end the night with some tasty taco bell too! I love my friends; they sure know how to have fun. And for all of you who are wondering, the paint came out incredibly easy! Shocking, right?? And thank you to the bussing system, for letting us get on the nice warm bus back to campus; the perfect night!

  ps. a few of these pictures are from the disposable camera
that i took because i wasn't as brave as lauren was, to bring
my own. i love the way disposable pictures turn out; something
about not knowing what they are until you get them developed;
and something else just about the way they look. 
sometimes i wish disposable cameras still weren't invented yet...


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