Sunday, September 11, 2011

happyyy birthdayyy to meee :)

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who helped make my 20th Birthday Weekend a blast!
I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life.
And even more blessed that I have three more years here with you all.
Here are just a few pictures from my weekend; enjoy!
 Milkshake Factory on E. Carson St.
Taking a walk after the rain in Oakland.
 Enjoying the (very addicting) Pumpkin Spice
Latte Frapp from Starbucks; get!
 Kimmy and Myself; the Birthday Girls! 
Blowing out our candles on our delicious cake
that Lauren baked for us!! :)
 D and Amy
 Maggie and Goop
 Ruben and Myself...enjoying some bangin' pizza!
 Even Alyssa came to our Birthday Party!! :)
 the girls
 Maggie and I...matching in our jean jackets ;)
 Exploring all the possibilities of the Magic Bullet...
 Lauren and D took me to Lulu's
Noodles for my Birthday dinner!
old roomies reunited :)
 Laur and I
 And Goop treated me to dessert at
The MilkShake Factory!
 Love my friends.
There are 55 flavors at The Milkshake Factory and 
tonsssss of other desserts too. I had a PeanutButter & Jelly & Banana tasted exaccctly like a PB&J sandwich! I think I'm newly
obsessed with this place. I want to take everyone here!!!

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed tonnssss of delicious food (breakfast at Pamela's included!!) and lots of good times with my friends. I think this was the first weekend where we really were able to get everyone together. And it was so nice being able to celebrate with Kimmy too! 
And to make things even better, I got all of my school work done for the weekend today and even have had some time to relax! Let's hope this week flies by!

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