Monday, September 12, 2011

my voice.

"the way you tell a story over dinner is true to who you are, whether that is deeply analytical or extremely witty. At such moments you aren't self-conscious, and you aren't thinking about your editor. you can't invent a voice. and you can't imitate someone else's."

-Susan Orlean

This is from a passage that I had to read from a book for my Introduction to Nonfiction class. I feel as if I constantly need to remind myself that yes, I am a good writer; that I don't need to imitate other people's styles of writing. If I do, then I'm really not the one saying it, am I? If I do, then I'm not even saying what it is that I really am trying to say. I love these kind of moments: when something just hits you.  It's crazy how much I enjoy all of my classes this semester; I'm finding something incredibly inspiring about them all. I'm interested in what I'm learning, and I'm making connections from one class to another. Today I answered nearly every question in my Communications in Mass Media class...that's pretty unheard of for myself. I love it. It's a lot of work, but I'm getting into a rhythm here in Pittsburgh. I'm working hard and I'm really soaking up everything that I'm learning this semester. 

Working hard, but still enjoying every opportunity that I can with my friends.
It's crazy to think that life after college, isn't like college life at all....

feeling good about everything.

happy tuesday!


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