Friday, September 9, 2011


I miss this guy. He picked up this little bag the last day that I was home in Harrisburg, and according to my mom and dad, it hasn't left his sight! Every time I look at this picture I just start to laugh. What a goof :) But ANYWAY, life here in the Burgh has been pretty busy lately, and I apologize for the serious lack of blogging! I promise that once I get more into the swing of things and get a set schedule down, that I'll be able to post more! (I really feel like I am always saying this..ughh! I'm sorry!) The workload is big this semester, but I know that it's all worth it in the end...and I really do love all my classes this semester! (maybe not psych, but that's a different story). But anyway, tomorrow is my birthday!! And today is my friend, Kimmy's, birthday! We're both turning 20, so our wonderful friends Lauren and Daniela are throwing us a little birthday party tonight with all of our friends. There will be pizza and cake and Happy Birthday singing and lots of laughing and dancing! It'll be a great time...and a nice break from all this homework that I've been doing! I'm going to TRY to take some videos of the night/weekend so that I'll have something to put together for on here...and I'll definitely take lots of pictures too :) But ANYWAY, in the meantime, I guess I should sum up what I've been up to this past week...

My Week; in short
1. Chipotle dinners and Razzy desserts.
2. Lots of rain (thank you Pitt, for that free umbrella!)
3. Study sessions in the library with Goop!
4. Free food and activities on-campus.
5. Job applications and tons of essays...
5. Pick-up games of basketball!
6. Coffee at Dunkin (love).
7. No Pirates game :( boooo!
8. Free Rita's from our wonderful friend, Kelsey!
9. Long walks around the city.
10. Jersey Shore Nights.
11. Double rainbows!
12. Long Lothrop talks with Maggie, Carol, and Alyssa.
13. Skype dates with friends and family!
14. Lots of phone calls from my wonderful brothers :)
15. Tons of lunch dates consisting of hilarious conversations. 
16. homework. homework. homeworkkkkk.

I feel like my week is really summed up in two words: homework & food. Ahwell, I guess I can't REALLY complain...I'm in a wonderful place with wonderful people. My life is good. 

Again, I hope everyone back home is safe and that the water damage isn't too are all in my thoughts and prayers!

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