Monday, October 17, 2011

a busy busy weekend

I have to say, this past weekend has been pretty awesome. It felt as if I was constantly on the move...and sometimes you just need weekends like that. Thursday, I went laser-tagging for the first time ever with a few members from APO as a fellowship I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with an excuse as to why I've never been laser-tagging before. I've got nothin'. It was so much fun! And a really really great way to get to know some of the members better. I'm so glad that I've joined this group...the people are unbelievably nice, sometimes it doesn't even seem real!
Friday night, Pitt started off Homecoming weekend festivities with some beauuutttiiifullll fireworks! The best part though? I didn't even have to venture out into the cold to see them ;) Another great perk to my awesome view. They even set a lot off around the Cathedral, and they seemed to "travel" up the was really really cool. Maggie sprinted over to my room to watch them with me...we had some OneRepublic playing in the background and we just stood at my window, taking it all in (in the warmth!) It was just grand ;)
Saturday morning, Mag, Alyssa, and I woke up early to get some good seats for the football game! We stopped for some breakfast and coffee beforehand and made our way over to Heinz field via big yellow school buses. We got there a little before 10am (the game started at noon) and found ourselves some prime time 8th row seats! By the end of the game, we were down to the 4th row and saw ourselves on the mega-tv a couple different was the closest that I've ever been for a football game! I don't know if I'll ever want to sit far away again!
Once the game was about to start, Daniela, Kaylie, and Rebecca (Kaylie's friend that was visiting!) joined us in our awesome seats. Sadly, the Panthers didn't pull out the win this time around, but it was a really good time nonetheless...AND we got to experience the celebration of Pitt Band's 100th year!!! They were awesome. They brought back as many Band Alumni as they could (not to mention, cheerleaders and twirlers as well!) and put on a great halftime show for everyone. What a talented group of people...
Afterwards, after a much-deserved nap, a group of us made our way to the APO Potluck. And all I need to say about that is: Lots of delicious food. Lots of incredibly nice people. And Lots and Lots of fun! I'm super mad at myself for not having anyyy pictures of the event, but I was just too darn busy chattin' it up with so many people to pull out my camera!
Thennnnn I got word that my friends, Nate and George were here for the weekend! So of course I met up with them, and it just so happened that all of my friends thought they were what a great way to end a Saturday night, right!?
We thought we would start Sunday off the right way with a hearty breakfast from Pamela's (yum yum yummm) before we headed to The Children's Institute in Shadyside. We volunteered there to play boardgames with the kids and I have to say, it was a very uplifting experience. Caroline and I played 'Sorry' with a group of three kids who turned out to be some of the most caring and grateful people that I have ever met. And so polite too! It was a humbling experience...and I'm really looking forward to going back on the first of November.
And it wouldn't be a Sunday without the mention of homework...Carol, Maggie, and I gathered in the lounge on our floor to get some work done. It was a pretty successful idea and a good start to a somewhat busy week ahead. I've got a midterm this week, a meeting with my teacher, a video project, a gigantic psychology paper due, and lots and lots of cool things to read! Two weeks left in October and it's going so fast! 

Happy fall! I hope you're all enjoying the change in colors
as much as I am! :)


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