Monday, October 3, 2011

waking up

Is anyone else finding it incredibly hard to believe that it's October already? And with it, comes the wonderful fall weather! (well, let's seems like for the time-being that we've skipped right to winter). But tonight was beautiful. The air was crisp. The streets were damp. The leaves are starting to stick to the sidewalks. October is probably my very favorite time of the year. Throwing on a pair of boots and a sweatshirt, and always--always!--carrying an umbrella (at least in pittsburgh, anyway!) 

This past weekend we said goodbye to September, and hello to October. Not to mention, we really really wished that all this rain would just let up! Of course it didn't. But it's okay...because a little rain never stopped us before, and it certainly did not this weekend either! 
 Just hangin' out with the school mascot!
 Kaylie. Goop. Steph. Laur. Me. D. Kimmy.
 so close; we saw ourselves on the big screen!
Goop! :)
Hooray for the Pitt Panthers on Thursday Night! I know I may not be the biggest football fan ever, but there really wasn't any other place I would have rather been on Thursday night. Through the rain and all four quarters, we screamed our lungs out for our school and showed our Pitt Pride as we sang along to 'Sweet Caroline'...if you've never been to a Pitt game, you gotta go sometime. The school pride you feel when you're there is unbelievable...
 Steph & Ash; deciding on some flavors!
 Lauren and the Banana Split
Mocha Meltaway 
In other extremely awesome news: Ashley paid us a visit this weekend! I'll be honest, I was pretty bummed that it rained during her entire visit, but it also went to show me that true friends don't need to have a million things planned to do on a visit; in fact, she, Steph, and I spent the entirety of our Saturday inside watching movies, painting our nails, and chattin' it up while Mother Nature hated Pittsburgh outside! It was great to all be reunited again like that...
We did manage, however, to take her to two of my very favorite spots in Pittsburgh. One: The Milkshake Factory (of course!) It was a long adventure to get there...but so so worth it! I love how cute and quaint that little place is...pictured above: Lauren got the classic banana split (yumm!) and I got the mocha meltaway (is it any surprise that I got something to do with coffee? yeah, I didn't think so either..) 
Ash at Pamela's! 
And of course Pamela's! Which was beyond delicious. I think, if I could (and if it wasn't super unhealthy), I would eat breakfast for every single meal of the day. Any breakfast food; all of it! I love it. We all actually ended up ordering different omelets, and we even met a very nice football player while we were those guys can eat!
Me. Kimmy. Laur.

Overall, it was a pretty great weekend. The perfect way to say 'see ya!' to my birthday month. It's seriously STILL blowing my mind that after NEXT weekend we'll be pushing mid-October. Where is the time going!???? 

And speaking of next weekend; it's Fall Break! So of course I'll be taking the opportunity to go home for the first time since the summer. I am beyond excited. I can't wait to see all of the fall decorations that my mom puts up. and to eat tons and tons of delicious home-cooked meals (hint hint mom). and for my dad's famous (or maybe infamous??) french toast. for starbucks dates with countless friends. lunches at ABC. walks around the neighborhood with trey! and just hanging out and being goofy with mike while he visits for the weekend too! So many small, relaxing things to do; it will feel so good to be home for an extended-weekend. Unfortunately, I'll be working on two rather large papers while I'm there, but I won't let that bother me too much ;)

And one final thing; I hope everyone took notice of National Coffee Day last week!??? If not...I am terribly sorry. There was free coffee everywhere! It 'twas glorious! ;)

Wishing everyone a wonderful wonderful first week of October!


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