Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fall break:

This past weekend was just what i needed; it felt so good to be home and to be surrounded by friends and, more importantly, family. I feel so blessed to have the parents and the brothers that i have...and yes, a wonderful puppy too :)
It was a pretty laid back weekend; i didn't get as much homework done as i wanted to...but that's pretty typical of going home so i really don't mind. it's 'back to the grind' today and for the rest of the week...but that's just fine with me because i have some pretty wonderful friends to help keep me happy :)

some high points of my weekend (in pictures):
 making october treats with mom
shopping & lunch @ ABC!
 hangin' out with jim
(& teaching him ASL!)
 shopping with mike
(& sitting in car dealership
waiting rooms!)
 neato burrito cowboy crunch
for lunch
 playing cornhole in the backyard
on cool Steeler boards with the whole fam!
cracking up nonstop while 
playing said cornhole game...
 taking some of mike's famous
buffalo chicken dip to work with me
 eating my dad's famous french toast 
for breakfast (no, but seriously,
its the best FT around!!)
 car rides with trey & dad!
 walks around wildwood; chattin'
with dad; and getting some 
rita's italian ice afterwards :)
seeing lots of turtles!
& even some ducks...
 baking some cinnamon streusel muffins..
 and taking them back to pitt with
me for breakfast for the next couple
of days...or maybe less than a couple
of days because i just keep eating them!
playing catch in the backyard with 
this handsome guy ;)

some high points of my weekend (in words):
1. catching up over some starbucks with rachael, priscilla, and chris. (and boy was that pumpkin spice frappucino delicious!)
2. enjoying dinner at teds and ruby tuesdays with my wonderful parents.
3. 50/50 with mike and jim; i laughed, i cried...it was awesome.
4. tater tot casserole.
5. egg sandwiches and coffee in the mornings.
6. seein some friends at the reegz.
7. field of screams and a diner trip with the crew from the beach! (really mad at myself for not taking ANY pictures!)
8. laughing at all the strange people we came across with mike...and then realizing that we're even stranger...
9. grilled cheese by mom.
10. spending the last day home with dad :)
11. laughing over the new heytell app that mike, dad, & i each got :P
12. finding out that i will officially be seeing alex lewis in 76 days; i can't wait!!!

i hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend as well, even if it wasn't very long. happy almost-mid-october! (isn't that crazy??)
goodbye for now ;)


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