Monday, October 3, 2011

when you're happy like a fool; you let it take you over.

my mom is the coolest. look at this talent!

A few things that have made me smile lately...

Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte.
OneRepublic’s album: Waking Up.
My new pair of grey boots (thank you mom!)
Black jeans.
Green tea in the morning.
New friends from the APO Service Fraternity.
Learning little health tidbits from all of my nursing friends...and getting to be their practice patient!
The new season of The Office.
Late night phone calls from Alex Lewis, telling me all about his wonderful new life :) 
Playing hide-and-go-seek in the Cathedral of Learning for my sign language class (no kidding). 
Cheesy Lifetime movies on a rainy Saturday.
Letters from friends back home.
The giant ketchup bottles at Heinz field.
A free dinner at Chipotle.
Finally owning a pair of rain boots.
Skype dates with friends and family.
Yummy treats at The Milkshake Factory (see previous post!)
The thought that, at the end of this week; I’ll be on a bus back home to the burg…

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