Tuesday, November 15, 2011

art appreciation

Last weekend Kaylie, Rebecca, and I took an adventure downtown to the Andy Warhol Museum! Rebecca was visiting Kaylie for the night and I had met her a few weeks prior on her last visit, so I was pretty excited to get to hang out with her again. The day was beautiful. Actually, apart from the last two days of rain, it's been absolutely gorgeous here in Pittsburgh. You would never guess that we're exactly at the halfway point of November if you were to walk outside. And the leaves are beautiful!! I love this time of year.

But anyway!...the day was absolutely beautiful, so we got off at a stop downtown and walked over the Andy Warhol Bridge (where this lovely picture above was taken actually) and made our way into the museum. And can I just bring to attention yet another awesome perk of being a Pitt student?: free museum admission! To almost all of the museums here in Pittsburgh actually! There's no photography allowed in the building, but we did manage to sneakily snap this picture in the 'silver cloud room' shhh!!
(it's really a lot cooler than this picture lets on I promise!)
The museum was amazing. And it was even cooler this time because they had an Alex Ross exhibit set up. He's this incredibly talented comic book artist who really redefined the art. If you're more interested, here's his official site: Alex Ross. I would definitely check it out...or if you find yourself in Pittsburgh in the next few weeks, then I really really realllyyy suggest that you check it out. Especially if you're into the Marvel comics and the Avengers and things like that... It reminded me a lot of seeing all those movies with my dad this past summer and other times in the past :)
What was also really cool was the fact that they had a ton of artwork that he had done from when he was like 4 years old! And 11 and 15 and so on...and these really cute action figures that he made out of construction paper. Talk about a talented kid...wow.
here's just a sample of his work.
image by google.

After getting kicked out at closing time (we still had one more floor to see!) we took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked around downtown...I can't wait for this weekend when they get all of the Christmas lights and decorations up. And the ice rink! Ahhhh so exciting. This time of year is just too perfect.

The week is going well; I'm keeping busy and staying productive. Trying to get as much work done now that I can so that I can fully relax during Thanksgiving Break. Talking to Mike and Jim yesterday on the phone has really gotten me excited to see them :)

So, I hope that you all are doing well! That the holiday season isn't stressing you out TOO MUCH just yet. And if it is, just take a second to breathe and realize that everything will work out; it always does :)

image credit: Kaylie!

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