Monday, November 21, 2011

i love this life.

holy crap blogging world, it's been quite a successful weekend if i do say so myself. probably one of the best weekends i've had here in a while. so i'll sum it up for you since i (and my wonderful, wonderful friends) took oh so many pictures this weekend! yay for friends who bring their cameras everywhere we go!

friday night i crossed off a big event on my bucket list: participating in my first-ever flashmob! Our pledge class had to organize a fellowship event in order to become initiated into APO, so we organized this totally badass flashmob dance! it took place in the towers lobby and it was a pretty big hit if i do say so myself ;)

afterwards, my truly amazing pledge class and i got officially initiated into APO. that's right...i'm now officially a brother! pretty cool huh? i'm excited for next semester already!
 my pledge class! i love each
and every one of them!!
 Steph & myself afterwards
 Me and Kaylie!
Me and Laur!

Saturday, we took advantage of the odd warm weather (definitely not was absolutely gorgeous outside and i enjoyed every second of it and wish for more days like this in fact!!) and the holiday season and ventured downtown! we saw gingerbread houses made by some very talented individuals, beautiful christmas lights, and we heard some very uplifting christmas music sung/played by even more talented people! We also skated around the huuuuugely decorated christmas tree in PPG square and enjoyed a scrumptious dinner at The Diamond (seriously though, huge burgers. so so good). THEN we randomly ran into a thanksgiving/christmas parade! A hundred horses! Or rather, 99 horses and a donkey ;)

 myself. steph. kaylie. kelsey. lauren. maggie.

this picture is so typical ;)

It was a great day. We relaxed during the night and spent lots of time at Dawson, catching up and telling old stories and laughing the night away just like last year. i loved it so so much. really.

Sunday I showed some family-friends around campus and ate at the famous Primanti Bro's...oh how i love sandwiches with cole slaw and french fries on them!!! yum yum yummm! I did some homework and watched the AMA's and wanna hear something awesome? Well, i'm gonna tell you anyway ;)

So my all-time favorite band ever in the entire world is OneRepublic. I'm not exaggerating when i say that i haven't gone a single day without listening to them for the past year. no, i'm so serious right now. sooooo, when i heard that they were playing at the AMA's OF COURSE i was excited! but wait, it gets better. soooo, they sent out this request to their fans: to send in photos of their "Good Life" moment. They would select some photos to use in their AMA performance of their hit, "Good Life." I submitted two photos:
 the first of the trio: myself, ash, and steph;
infront of the big red door of the cathedral of
learning here at pitt from last year when they visited!
and the second: i like to call this one...
art and music..maybe? Here's your 15 minutes 
of fame mom! showing off your awesome sewing skills! ;)

SO ANYWAY! i sent in these two photos....
i literally screamed my lungs out when i saw them on tv. i was so shocked and excited and in awe and well every other amazing emotion that you can feel in a moment like this. it feels so cool to be part of a performance of a band who's music has changed your life; a band who gets you through the ups and downs of every day. really.

you can see the crayon photo at 0:46 seconds behind the drummer (and again at the very end in the upper lefthand corner of the collage) and then you can see the picture of the three of us at 1:04! How cool is that??
Even cooler? Alex was there, sitting third row, and he saw them too!! Super jealous ;)

I finished Sunday up with some homework and got moving on a great Monday of class and friends and even got to spend some quality time with my aunt and my cousin leah. we went thrift store shopping (and laughed a lot might i add!) and had a rather delicious lunch at the cheesecake factory. mmmmm; food coma.

just hangin out with my little buddy...

I'd also like to add, that last thursday, market central treated the students of the pitt campus to our very own thanksgiving meal...and it was superb. yes, the power went out, and yes we did sit in the dark for a good two hours, but it was still awesome. it's the moments where i'm sitting with friends, talking and laughing about absolutely nothing, that i love the most about being here. 

speaking of delicious thanksgiving food...I CAN'T WAIT TO COME HOME TOMORROW!!! i'm excited to see my family and hug my dog and eat lots of food and sleep in my bed and drive a car and work at the movies and SEE movies and have sleepovers with friends and diner trips with my brothers and the list goes on and on and on...ohh the simple things. one more class tomorrow morning and then i've got a long four hour bus ride home and a nice five day break to look forward to!

so here's wishing everyone a blessed
 and happy thanksgiving holiday! :)


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