Saturday, November 12, 2011


November is turning out to be a really really great month so far. Not because of a ton of awesome big things that are happening...but because of the small things. The things that you think about right before you fall asleep and you smile, realizing that, "hey, that really just made my day."
So here are a few things that have really just made me happy lately. Things that have been making me realize just how good I've got it...

APO meetings: I always find myself looking forward to Wednesday nights. To the people: to the sense of belonging to a group of such amazing and driven people. To the much laughing.

Random Thursday Activities: This past Thursday, Goop asked me to help him practice giving tours around campus. It was the perfect amount of cold outside and we had a great time. Just making jokes about stupid things and cool ways to remember facts. Not to mention that I learned so much about Pitt that I never knew before! So many more buildings than I thought...  And ending the day in the library.

Razzy: Because who doesn't enjoy frozen yogurt topped with fruit and colorful gummy worms??

Postcards from Hermosa Beach: The best way to start off a long mid-week Wednesday. 

Latenight 'Fuel and Fuddle' with Friends: One of my favorite little restaurants here in Oakland, Fuel and Fuddle has this great deal after 11pm: everything is 50% off. And let me tell you, their brick oven pizzas are THEE best. The 45 minute wait didn't even seem that bad because when you're with people who enjoy life as much as you do, there's never a bad moment.

Three Big Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream Desserts: perfect for six people. so so good. 

Sleeping-In Without Setting An Alarm: one of those little moments that you just don't happen to come by very often anymore ;)

Movies at Dawson: those old movies that everyone (but me of course) has seen but you end up watching anyway. Laughing at all the wrong parts and picking up on every little detail that never made sense anyway. Laughing through all of the sentimental moments...

Saturday Morning Class and Pamela's Afterwards: Having an awesome teacher who looks and sounds eerily similar to Ray Romano; receiving extra credit for attending a super interesting lecture; and then enjoying some coffee with three of my favorite people here at Pitt.

Trips to South Side; The Good Will: Buying big comfy sweaters and basically picking out Daniela's entire wardrobe! Searching the racks and bonding over our hobby of bargain shopping with other people browsing as well...

The Countdown: 10 days til Thanksgiving Break! Home with the family. 

"my teacher asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. i said happy. she said i didn't understand the question. i said she didn't understand life." 

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  1. Lauren: You're an amazing writer and your love of life makes me smile in tons of amazing ways. That quote at the end is my favorite. Thanks for making my afternoon :)