Sunday, November 6, 2011


Happy belated Halloween from the best-lookin' college crayons out there! I know, I know...this post is suuuper late and I've been really lame on the blogging lately and my mom has been buuuuggggingggg me about updating it! So hopefully this holds you all over until later this week (hopefully monday!) when I can tell you allll about my wonderful weekend at home for my wonderful mother's birthday :)
 kaylie & i; let me just say that i am so so happy that
i'm becoming such good friends with kaylie this year;
she's an absolutely amazing person and i'm gonna
be so sad to see her go study abroad next semester!!
 steph & myself
 steph; myself; daniela; maggie
the laurs :)
the 717 crew: steph, d, laur, & myself!

a big huuge thank you goes out to my extremely talented mom for making these awesome (and super duper warm) costumes for my friends and me! The warmth factor was especially nice considering that we had snow on halloween. crazy. i'd also just like to say that we were the hit of all the parties we went to! so many people asked for our pictures and complimented us on our creativity and how awesome we looked ;) a job well done. i think it's pretty safe to say that we'll be doing themed-costumes for the next two years to come for sure...

 kaylie, steph, & i on ESPN!
Heinz Field
ALSO: wednesday night was the football game! so steph, kaylie, and i decided to go (cus everyone else either had class or bailed...boooo!) and we ended up having the best time ever! The game supported helping fight depression amongst college students so we all waved bright green 'PITT CARES' towels throughout the game. It was also featured on ESPN and a couple people (mike included) saw the three of us dancin' away on tv!! Kaylie's mom was nice enough to send us the top picture: a still-shot of us on ESPN. How cool is that??

Other cool things that happened this week? I saw a flashmob at the Pete! performed by the pharmacy students! And I took another visit to the Children's Institute for another board game night. I also got lots and lots of work done and lots of good grades back so I guess that means all of my hard work is paying off!
I also spent the best weekend ever at home with my mom and dad; and that will be my next post ;)

YAYYY!! :)

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