Thursday, November 10, 2011

a happy birthday weekend for my beautiful mother:

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go home to the burg to celebrate my beautiful mom's birthday with her; and I'm so so glad that I did. It was exactly what I needed and I found myself just wanting to stay a few days longer...maybe all the way through Thanksgiving! calls. And teachers like to schedule lots of papers and exams right before (and after for that matter) any sort of break that we have.
But anyway!: it was a great little weekend home. I arrived on the megabus on Friday and my awesome dad picked me up. I spent lots of time with Trey (he was so excited the entire weekend!) and spent the entire weekend with my mom and dad. Friday night we actually went to the mansion where they have the Renaissance Fair every year. We watched the Edgar Allen Poe shows...and All the people stayed in character the entire time and they were all extremely talented individuals. They put on three different stories for us, and it was a very different experience, but a very cool one at that. It sort of brought me back to the days of National History Day! ;)

Saturday I spent most of the day doing some birthday shopping for mom and I also took a trip to one of my favorite places in da burg: Salvo. I love browsing all the racks of clothes and shelves of knick-knacks...just seeing what I can find; the possibility of getting lucky! And I did! I found some awesome clothes there and I'm super excited to wear them!
I also baked a rather delicious (if I do say so myself) birthday cake for my mom! She asked for an angel food cake which I had never made before (super easy...don't let the strange contraption that you have to use fool you!) and told me to choose the topping. I chose cool whip, raspberries, and blackberries. YUMM! We went out to dinner in Hershey that night (again, more yummy food) and then came home to open presents, eat cake, and watch football and hockey. Before I knew it, I was the only one still awake! Mom, Dad, and Trey were all fast asleep on the couch...I guess everyone is just getting a little bit older ;)
Sunday I went to church with my mom and saw how much work they've gotten done on the new church: it's amazing! I feel like I didn't even go to school there for nine years. It's a little sad I guess, but that's all just a part of life...things change but you keep the memories forever :)  Mom and I spent the rest of the day shopping and then we ate lunch at the mall right next to the big Christmas's kind of a tradition of ours now that I love. 

The megabus was late. I got into Pitt two hours later than I was supposed to. But I had good company on the bus so it didn't bother me so much. I got some work done and enjoyed myself. It's nice when you're not in a rush.
This week has proved to be a rather long one. I think it's because I'm just looking forward to Thanksgiving Break so be back with my family and my friends. I've got one school week down and one to go and lots of exams until I head back to the burg on the 22nd. Hopefully that just means the week will go faster ;)
And I'm looking forward to the ice rink being opened up in PPG next weekend! I'll definitely be making plans to head down there (hopefully more than once) and I'm also looking forward to spending the day with my aunts and cousin, Leah, for a day of thrift-store-shopping! One of my favorite past times! It's nice that they have included me in their pre-Thanksgiving tradition :) 
So I've got a good week and a half coming up I'd say and lots of cool things to look forward to. I've temporarily disabled my facebook! So that means more time for blogging and work ;)  And lastlyyyy, I'd like to say that I hope all of my friends in Penn State are staying safe with all of these riots that have broken out around the campus. I don't support the violence, but I hope that you're all staying smart and staying out of it. 

Until next time!
incase you haven't heard...she's 
a "pro" at toilet-papering ;)

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