Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Blessed Winter Break...

So now that it's been about a billion years since i've last updated this thing, it's time to get rolling on it again! I'm back at school and already having a freaking amazing time, but more on that later.  First, I'd like to catch up on my winter break back in the burg. If i could pick one word to sum it up I'd probably piiiiick: amazing. or maybe perfect. There's just so many good adjectives out there...get a thesaurus, look up "wonderful," and pick any one of those words. Yeah, that'll do. 
But anyway, I started off my winter break, December 16, in the most perfect way possible: JIM PICKED ME UP! I hadn't seen that big guy since August, soooo needless to say, it was pretty epic. We had a great time too. I showed him around the different Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning, which was cool because, since it was the Christmas season, they were all decorated beautifully! Just an added bonus I suppose! We went out to dinner at LuLu's noodles with his friends Tyler and Marcus and hung out with them. And the next morning I was fiiiinally able to take Jim to Pamela's diner. He kept telling me that whenever he made it to Pitt that I would have to take him there...sooo the opportunity was had finally presented itself!
 Me in one of the Nationality Rooms
 Marcus and Myself
And me enjoying some amazingg
food at Pamela's Diner on Friday 

So then I took my very last of my very first finals here at Pitt, Western Civilization (you will be happy to know that I actually finished with an A in the class..the one I was most worried about too!) So Jimbo and I hopped in the car afterwards and we went to my Grandma's house for cookie night. It was really a lot of fun much laughing and story-telling, and it was really nice to see my cousins and aunts and uncles before we headed back to Harrisburg. It was especiallyyyy nice to see my Mimi and Grandma.  Jim got to tell them alllll about his travels and I mostly just sat back and listened, but you know what, it was just nice to have him back :)
 Myself. Jim. and Cousin Katie.
Decorating Christmas Cookies!
 Cousin Joe and his tray of cookies about to
go into the oven!
Jim. Mimi. Myself.

We had a really good car ride snow at all! And no snow while I was in Harrisburg..thank god. I think I get enough of it here to be honest with you. I am notttt a snow person. Not.At.All.  But anyway, winter break was great. I got to do all of the things that I wanted to do.  I worked a tonnnn (but with the best people ever so I didn't even mind it one bit),  had lots and lots of coffee with mike and had lots of late night moments with him too; just watching movies (Easy A...I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine! <--shout out to you mike!) and late night tv and talking about the most random things ever humanly possible to talk about.  We even watched the Lunar Eclipse together! Not many people can say "i got to watch the lunar eclipse outside in the freezing cold with my big brother"...i mean no one for another 150 years can say it at least....   We did a lot of awesome things together though...we went shopping and to Starbucks...even got Jim to go along with us a few times for some true sibling bonding...I am not lying when i say that i have the two best big brothers in the entiiiiiire world. 
Christmas Eve Night.

But anyway, also did lots of fun stuff with my family. We went out for Dad's birthday the night I got back, to this restaurant in was the first dinner we had with the entiiire family since I left for school. It.was.awesome. (to say the least). good food. good company. you really can't ask for anything better, you know?  Mom and I participated in a bowling competition! I mean....we didn't win. By a long shot. But we were basically bowling against some 10 year old bowling prodigies, so you can't really blame us ;) hahahaha, but actually turned out to be A LOT of fun..and I bowled my best game ever! We even went again as a whole family late on a Sunday night to cosmic bowl, which turned out to be one of my favorite nights back.  We had lots of meals together, opened Christmas presents together, and went to church together. It was moments like these when I realized how lucky I am to have a family that cares so much about me. And how lucky I am to have a family that is able to spend so much time together and have such a good time doing it. It was a wonderful Christmas :)
 Dad and his Birthday dessert!
Mom and I.

And apart from spending lots of time with my family, I spent loootttsss of time with my friends. They're all just wonderful people. I think this whole winter break made me realize how much I appreciate the amazing people that I surround myself with.  My friends and I did lots of things together, from going out to eat, to having sleepovers.  Basketball games and concerts. A Bears game and free movies.  Dinners and get togethers with big groups.  New Years celebrations and Christmas gift exchanges. Car rides and music blaring. Coffee runs and shopping. Picture-taking and laughing until we cried. I couldn't have asked for a better time. And, honestly, I don't think I could have ever planned a better break than I had. Seriously. Everything just went...perfectly. I feel like I'm using that word over and overrrr again but I just feel like there's no other way to explain it all!! I am just so blessed in every aspect of my life. 
 Ashley. Rachael. Myself. and Carly.
Brunch at ABC right before I left to come back!
Tanner and Myself at Regal...working hard ;)

But I think, the perfect ending to such a perfect break...was definitely the fiasco that Lauren, D, and I encountered on our way back to the Burgh. I mean, you put the three of us together again, after being apart for two weeks...I guess we're boundddd to have something happen to us! Our bus back to Pittsburgh filled up before we even got on it! We were supposed to leave at 3 and get back by 7pm...but insteadddd we had to wait til 7:15, got back in around 11:15..caught a taxi, and fiiiinally found ourselves back in our long-awaited dorm room.  It's good to be back :)

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