Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our First Weekend Back in the Burgh!

It hasn't even been a week since we've been back from Winter Break, but I don't think I can even put into words how much I've missed my friends here...SOOOOO MUCH! And I'd say we've definitely taken advantage of being back and being together. We started class on Wednesday, and since I only have classes Tuesday through Thursday, that meant only two days of classes for meeee! So I'll sum them up for you.
Bennett. Myself. Suds. Katie!!!
Surprise visit to my room!!

African Music:
 I have this class with Lauren. And our teacher is straaaightttt from Africa. Only, he's the bomb. Seriously, he's awesome. He told us that this is a class where EVERYONE will get involved. It was our first day and we were already clapping out beats and listening to him sing African music. We have it once a week...which I appreciate since its kind of a trek to get there. And having a class with laur is great..we just sit back and laugh at all the funny things that happen. And since our teacher has such a thick accent, it really makes me have to pay close attention to what he says, which a very good thing!

I have thiiiiis class with D! Ironic that the two classes I have on Wednesday are both with one of my roommates? I'd say its pretty awesome. It's a long class. But again, once a week. And we talked to this boy in front of us who had him before who said this about the teacher: "he's not TOO hard..just boring." But having a boring teacher and having a boring teacher with one of your best friends is a totally different scenario. I'm not too worried about it. I mean, I'm not a huge science fan to begin with...but astronomy is some pretty interesting stuff in the long run!

Intro to Film:
Twice a week. 9am til 11am. 9am = struggle. But, you know what? I think that I'm realllly going to enjoy this class. We spend about half an hour a day discussing articles that we've been assigned to read. And then the remainder of the class is watching a film. We write a paper every week...which I really don't mind at all. I really actually enjoy writing once I get started on it. And I love love loooove watching movies! So, really, this class is pretty much perfect for me. 

Creative Writing:
Once a week. I think this class surprised me the most. My actual teacher won't be here for all of the beginning classes, which I find to be kind of weird..maybe not so much of a good thing...but ohwell.  I loved the first class! We were given a list of 15 words and we had to pick 12 of them and write about a place that has changed our life. Some of the stories that kids were was some crazy stuff. I think I liked this class the most though because I did get to know people. We played a name game and everyone hadddd to read their piece out loud. It was all very hands on and open and I just really enjoyed it to put it simply. I's what I like to do the most. I'm pretty pumped to see what the rest of the semester has in store.

English Composition:
No idea yet. First class starts Tuesday night! Wish me luck...this should be my hardest class :/

 Skating at the PPG downtown!
Amy and Myself alll bundled up (so many
 layers!) and ready to face the cold!

So other than classes, it's been the weekend!! And to start it off friend Suds showed up from back at home!! He surprised one of his friends here (I even got to be part of the surprise!) and stopped in on Thursday (while I was in the dead of sleep of a nap I might add) to say hello!! What a way to start off my weekend :) Friday a huuuuge group of us met up and caught a bus to the Waterfront to see Black Swan. Crazy...but good. It kind of messed with your head. But there were a bunch of us who went...we all got in with no problems this time! And we had a great time. Then we came back to campus, all had dinner together at Market, and hung out for the rest of the night. Saturday we slept in and had lunch and then Laur, D, Kimmy, Amy, and I went downtown to ice skate at the PPG! It was BEAUTIFUL!! Cold, but beautiful! They turn the fountain into a rink and you pay 10 bucks for as long as you want to skate. And Lauren was the only one who fell!! They have Christmas lights up everyyyywhere and in the center is a HUGE Christmas tree all decorated, and they play music, and there's horse-drawn carriages all around, and blinking lights, and everyone is just in the best mood of their lives I feel like.  It's pretty awesome. We skated for about an hour..until we couldn't feel our feet...and then we sat in Starbucks to warm up with some coffee and lots of stories. It was really a good time. We called it "floor bonding." Then we stayed in and watched The Town (another great movie!) It's so nice to have different groups of friends who like to do different things. And Suuuunday, Laur, D, and I got lunch, met Ruben and Goop at the library to work on some homework, and then the three of us met up with Kimmy and Maggie and we all went to church together. It was a really good way to end such a busy, fun, awesome weekend. For them at monday classes for meeee!!! I'll be meeting with my advisor to work things out about my major and then I'll be reading for my African Music class and revising an essay which I have JUST finished....feels good to have such a long weekend and an extra day to finish up homework..and (hopefully) do laundry!!!
 Lauren. Myself. Amy. Daniela. Kimmy.
Myself. Daniela. Kimmy. And Amy.
Infront of the big Christmas tree on the ice!

Wishing everyone a happy week!

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