Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching up...after catching the flu???

So here are some pictures from my weekend at Penn State! I apologize for them being so late, I got suuuuper sick during the week and it continued on through the weekend, but now I am back in action :) But anyway, I had an amazing time at Penn State and I cannot wait to go back, whenever that will be! My friends and I did lotsssss of exciting things, including, but definitely not limited to:

 hanging out in the freezing cold with ash

 enjoying the BEST panini i have EVER had 
(peanut butter, nutella, and banana) with rach & ash!

 being reunited with the lovely steph barrick

 waiting out in the cold for 
Penn State buses

 enjoying some awesomeee chinese food
at this cute little restaurant

 enjoying a surprise visit from hunter!

 combining friends from Pitt, Harrisburg, and Penn State!

 lookin like complete BOSS'S.

 enjoying more good food.
and a "grudge-like" child sitting next to us (creepy)

 meeting the birthday girl and becoming VIP's 
to her birthday party!

 late night food at mcdonaldsssss

 ...and more late night food at mcdonalds...

 venturing out in the cold with Goop and Ruben!

 creating new friendships among the guys :)

 sleeping on old, next to the road, mattresses
(really, i don't recommend this)

 swinging on random swings
hanging from random trees

 snapping lots of completely random, and
totally blinding pictures from numerous
disposable cameras.

 exploring with the birthday girl, gabby!

 and once again, creating more new friendships...

 exploring the endless hallways of PSU dorm life..

 spending time with some of rach's best friends :)

 being sung to by Jeff and Deli!

 spending time finally in the warm :)

and a megabus trip with two of the best
travel buddies ever :)

Seriously, the weekend could not have gotten any better. But now that I am back in Pitt....and healthy once again...I am definitely glad to be back.  I'm enjoying my classes and I'm enjoying the time that I get to spend with my friends even more! Hopefully this weekend to come brings some more exciting stories :)

But in the meantime, some of the things that have made my day since being back at school:

1. Wednesday lunches with, seriously, all of our friends.
2. Taking a trip to Target with Lauren Lacey!
3. Watching our basketball team do WORK!
4. Watching the Steelers kill it, while feelings the Pittsburgh Pride.
5. Receiving a package from my mom with lots and lots of Valentines decorations.

and definitely more to come!

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