Friday, January 14, 2011

See You on Sunday Pittsburgh!

I cannot believe that it's already been two weeks since we've been back at Pittsburgh. The time has seriously flownnn. It's really great too because I absolutely love my classes this semester, especially my creative writing class. The people in there are seriously just hilarious. And everyone writes SO well! From really serious poems to insanely sarcastic pieces...about corduroy. I think I laugh more in that 2.5 hours of class than I do all Thursday long. And then I come back to the room for Jersey Shore Party Night...could my week end any better? It's going to be a great last semester to my freshman year :)

But other than that...I am officially leaving for Penn State in 35 minutes! I am SO PUMPED! I'm even riding the megabus with Goop and Ruben. They're meeting their friends there and I'm meeting all of mine. And my awesome cousin, Leah! I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures and fill everyone in on all of our crazy adventures. Cus, let's face it, something crazy allllwayssss happens when I'm with Ash, Rach, and Steph. Welp, I gotta get going! I'll be back on Sunday!
My last visit to Penn State with Ash and Rach :)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!

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