Monday, June 20, 2011

Dan-O-Mano and the Fam Squad...

How cool is my family??? While I was away at the lake this past weekend (blog updates to come!) the brothers came home for Father's Day and spent an action-packed weekend with mom and dad! I was pretty bummed that I missed out on some awesome experiences, such as this Segway tour they took at the Hershey Hotel, but I know that we'll have plenty more awesome adventures to come in the future! I love that I have such a cool family that does pretty awesome things just because we can :)
And although this is one day late, Happy Fathers Day! to Dan the Man! Thanks for being the coolest dad around with all the best stories and experiences that you've shared with Mike, Jim, and I throughout our lives. 

Awesome week up ahead with lots of shifts at work and lots of time with friends! I'm sure I'll have to pull out a few long nights in order to get some blogging done about my two amazing vacations this past week and a half....stay tuned in, I'll do my best to get it done pronto!! :)

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