Friday, June 24, 2011

"Don't stop...believinnnn!"

Summing up my Beach Vacation in Pictures

I had the best time everrrrrr in ocmd! I know its taken me foreverrr to finally post a few pictures (and believe me, we took A LOT of pictures) ... but i've just been a very busy person since I've gotten home!!! It was really great meeting Hunter there and all of his friends, it made our week even better! But anyway, what we did at the beach:
1. lots of swimming
2. hottubbing 
3. sunbathing
4. LOTS of good eats!
5. boardwalk
6. Carly rode the sling shot!
7. the beach at night
8. music, singing, & dancing
9. the most random things you could ever think of.
^thats not even surprising when you look at who we went with :)

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