Thursday, June 2, 2011


So what have I been up to for the past month of summer you ask? Well taking pictures has not been one of the disappointed in myself for that too! I wanted to take pictures of EVERYYYTHINGGG and blog about it ALLLLL and I've tooootally been failing at that. So I'm gonna say, baby steps...and I'm going to do my best to sum up my wonderful summer days thus far and work harder to blog about the days to come :)

Days by the Pool!
This is what mooost of my summer days consist of (apart from that 10 day rain period...ugh awful)'s so lovely having two best friends, each of which have a pool right in their back yard...and each of which live just a few houses away. So convenient. So yes, I spend most of my days laying out by the pool (wearing my sunscreen thankyouverymuch) and swimming with my best friends Rachael, Carly, Steph, and Ash. Oh the simple things in life :)
Lunch Dates!
Lunch dates with all the friends that I can never get enough of. Pictured here, Priscilla and Suds. I call them my two favorite foreigners. Although Suds is spending most of his summer in Pittsburgh being a genius and whatnot, I've been lucky enough to spend a few days with him while he's been home for a short short week. And as for Priscilla?...this girl makes me laaaughhh like no other! Love her. And she's been doing soooo many cool things at school!...from managing the Bucknell Girls Basketball team, to designing clothes based on Alice In Wonderland for fashion shows. She can do it all! I love the fact that my friends love to eat as much as I do. I also love that they're alllways open for random trips to annywhereeee. We usually end up sitting there for hours talking about who knows what, and laughing loud enough for the tables all around us to clear out :)

Days at PNC Park Watching The Senators!
Okay, so this only happened once, but it was awesome. Memorial Day I heard on the radio that the Senators were playing, and I, having the best friends that anyone could ever ask for, was able to send out a text to them all and see if they wanted to attend! Best part? were only 8 bucks! You really can't beat that. We swam in the pool, went out for dinner, watched the Senators kick butt (I admit, we left after the 6th inning...but baseball is a LONGGG game, do you blame us!?), and ended the night with a free movie. The weather was amaaaazing. I love being out in the sun! And I love summer freckles!!!

Doing God-Knows-What with Big Man Mike!
I have to admit...I'm gonna miss this guy. He leaves tomorrow to live in Philly and although I'm super happy for him, I'm still pretty sad. The past month that I've been home, we really see a lot of each other! We shop together, we eat together, we maaaake food together. We take crazy photobooth pictures and watch strange movies. We laugh at LateNight and having the most inside jokes of anyone I've ever been friends with. The house is gonna be SOOOOO quiet once he leaves. Not to mention, I'm gonna have to find sooomething to fill my time with!!! *Sigh*....I'll miss you man. Already can't wait for your visits and my visits to Philly to see the two best brothers that anyone could ever ask for<3

And that pretty much sums up my last week and a half of life! (other than working at the Reegz).  Just six days until Rach, Car, Steph, Ash, and myself hit up Ocean City Maryland for the week! And then right after that I'll be heading to one of my absolute favorite places (and what I look forward to every summer): the Lacey's lakehouse! Ahhhhh I just love summer and how low key and relaxing it is...I could not ask for anything more right now :)

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