Thursday, June 2, 2011


Some Of The Tasty Treats That I Have Been Enjoying Lately!

A variety of different types of sushi from Mikado. It was my first time reeeallllyyy trying all of the different options, and I have to was all very good!!! And a great dinner with Mom, Mike, and Jim during that awfullll storm we had a few days ago!

Neato Burrito's Cowboy Crunch!
If you haven't been to Neato yet, I highly recommend that you get your butt over there. The portions are aweeesome, the price isn't too shabby either, and the food rockssss. That's actually an understatement. Jim and I always seem to find ourselves here. I really enjoy the one on 2nd street downtown, mainly because I like to walk by the river before or afterwards and then stop into my favorite bookstore in the world, Midtown Scholar, on third street. It's my perfect day :)
Scrambled eggs (with cheese) and tea at midnight courtesy of Lauren Lacey. I swear, she's gonna be an awesome mom when she gets older. Who else would stay up and make me breakfast in the middle of the night and then continue to sit there and talk to me for hours?? Great sleepover night with Lauren, D, and Bridget after a long long night of work :)
Homemade Mac n' Cheese courtesy of Mrs. Norman. Yummmm is all I need to say! It was always our Wednesday night tradition to eat Mac n' Cheese and Apple Crisp while we watched Top Model, but now that college keeps us away, the tradition has died...but the food lives on!! 
A chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle! I know what you're thinking...Neato Burrito AND haaave to pick one! But the truth is, I just can't. I love them both. Equally. They're just both too darn good and I will not submit to picking one over the other!! Of course good company definitely helps make the food taste better, and a spur of the moment dinner with three of your best friends (Chris, Brian, and Rachael), definitely makes a summer evening thaaat much better.

Other Wonderfully Tasting Food That I Was Not Camera-Ready For!
3B's ice cream in a cone: chocolate peanut butter cup!
Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon courtesy of Mrs. Lacey (one of the best cooks in the worlddddd, fo'real).
YP's bacon cheddar cheese fries (to die for).
Homemade banana-strawberry smoothies using none other than The Magic Bullet (a super healthy but also incredibly filling snack)..I've got Mike hooked!!
Homemade apple pie (beautiful) made by one of my managers at work. A great treat for a long work night. 
And a variety of different pizza from a variety of different pizza places!

Maybe not all of the HEALTHIEST choices...but some very veryyyy good food to say the least!

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